Free Background Music: Three New Additions

I’ve just added the following songs to the free background music series:

You can use the songs for non-commercial purposes; just add a credit (music by longzijun). The songs can be downloaded from the orange box marked ‘compositions’ at the bottom of this page.


Background Music 14 Arpology 2 (Ambient Synth version) – 6:10. 71 bpm, ambient (synthesizer). This is a very peaceful song without much going on it in. It is based on the same chords as Arpology 1.


Background Music 13 Arpology 1 (Frantic Sax version) – 2:02. 112 bpm, minimalist (synthesizer). This is a short, noisy and busy piece. It might be suitable for animation or a video montage (where there’s no dialogue).


Background Music 11b: Safe Harbor (without drums) – 3:48. 80/160 bpm, minimalist, loop-based (piano, cello, acoustic bass, harp, flute, French horn. clarinet). Basically the same as the original version, but this one does not have drums and is shorter.


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