Free Instrumental Music: Short themes for intros, outros, credits and very brief videos

You can use these short music compositions (between 10 and 60 seconds in length for any non-commercial projects that you are working on (e.g., video, animation, presentations, etc.). Just provide a credit (music by longzijun). To download an mp3 version (hosted on Boxnet), just click the link below the video. The ten songs in this Short Instrumental Themes series may also be used for free if you are monetizing the videos on YouTube or if you are small business owner as long as attribution is given (music by longzijun).

If you are looking for longer compositions, you can visit my free background music page: To get updated when new songs are added, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel.


Track 12. Equinox (31 Seconds)

Gentle groove (130 bpm) with a mysterious feel

Download MP3: Equinox
Download WAV (for higher quality): Equinox


Track 11. Rock Intro (30 Seconds)

Fast rock/punk

Download MP3: Rockintro


Track 10. Upbeat Jazz Intro (18 seconds)

There are 8 different arrangements of this jazz instrumental

Upbeat Jazz Intro Versions 1-4 (YouTube)

1. Guitar and tuba only
2. Piano, guitar, tuba and drums
3. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano, tuba, drums
4. Female vocals (scat style), piano, guitar, tuba
Download MP3 Part 1: Jazz Intro (Versions 1-4)

Upbeat Jazz Intro Versions 5-8 (Vimeo)

5. Guitar, piano, tuba
6. Female vocals (scat style), piano, guitar, tuba, drums
7. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano, tuba
8. Distorted vocals (electric guitar sound), piano, guitar, tuba, drums
Download MP3 Part 2: Jazz Intro (Versions 5-8)


Track 9. Dreamy Loop (6 seconds)

This is a six-second loop it can used in Vine videos or can be looped to create a longer track (if you are looping it, as is shown in the following sample video), make sure you use the wav or aif formats. If you convert them to mp3 files, they will no longer loop smoothly.

Download 6-second wav file: Dreamy Loop
Download 6-second aif file: Dreamy Loop
Download one minute mp3 pre-looped file: Dreamy


Track 8. Instrumental 08 Orchestral Sunset (Brief Intro): Orchestral, Dramatic (13 seconds)

There is an alternative version with no drums in case you find this one too brash.


Version 2 (Without Drums)

Download MP3: Orchestral Sunset
Download MP3: Orchestral Sunset Version 2 (No Drums)


Track 7. Instrumental 07: Soft electric piano then rock guitar and drums (33 seconds)

Download MP3: Soft & Hard


Track 6: Ambient, classical, electronica

Version 2 (19-21 seconds). There is a two second sound-effects intro, so the length of the song depends on how much of this you decide to keep). I was never happy with the first version as it was done in such a rush (a few minutes).

Version 1 (40 seconds)
If you need something really simple and unobtrusive the first version, with it’s ambient synth arpeggios might still be suitable.

Download MP3 Version 2: Short Instrumental Theme 06
Download MP3 Version 2: Short Instrumental Theme 06
Download MP3 Version 1: Short Instrumental Theme 06


Track 5. Instrumental 05: Electronic, in a minor key with a steady beat  (14 seconds)

Download MP3: Short Instrumental Theme 05


Track 4. Love & Time: Romantic, melancholy, piano and synth strings  (24 seconds)

Download MP3: Love & Time


Track 3. Just Be: Light, pop-reggae with a slightly lo-fi retro feel  (40 seconds)

Download: Just Be


Track 2. Happy Virus: Techno Intro  (36 seconds)

Download MP3: Happy Virus



Track 1. Short Intro: 12-second electronica for intros

Download MP3: Short Instrumental Theme 01


Most of the above compositions were created as soundtracks for video projects, animation or computer games. Most of the music was played using a Korg MicroX or Korg M50.

Troubleshooting Video Preview Problems

If the preview videos are not working: There is likely a problem with Flash or YouTube. You can either try clearing your browser cache, but if this doesn’t work, you can preview the songs from the download link or visit my Vimeo channel and preview the songs there (sorry for any inconvenience):



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  2. I’ll be using these as transitions from one activity to another during classes. I’m so excited!

  3. hey! thanks so much for sharing :D this helped a lot~was making a video and couldn’t find a suitable background music :/ really appreciate it!

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