Premiere Pro CS4: Maximum Render Quality

This is a short post to let CS4 users know when to select the Maximum Render Quality setting and where to find it. This setting is found in Adobe Media Encoder and is used to increase the quality of exported video, particularly when using interlaced video clips (like those from most camcorders) and exporting them to deinterlaced formats (like when you are producing WMV or H.264/MP4 videos for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo or other video uploading sites) or when producing video that features a lot of action or movement.  You can see the difference in quality in the following example:



The image on the left is from a video exported without Maximum Render Quality selected. If you look at the helmet of the robot (the original clip was interlaced and features a moving animated character with motion blur added), you will notice lines (probably artifacts produced during the deinterlacing process). The image on the right is from a video produced from the same timeline but with Maximum Render Quality selected.

Still images from video exported without (left) and with (right) Maximum Render Quality selected

This function will use up a lot of RAM and increase the rendering time. It may not work properly if you only have the minimum system requirements of Premiere Pro CS4.


Update Your Software

In order to use this function, however, you will need to have installed the latest updates to Premiere Pro CS4 AND Adobe Media Encoder. You can find them here: (just search for the appropriate progammes).


Find It

Once you are in Adobe Media Encoder (e.g., File → Export → Media), if you click on the tiny icon shown in the image below, a dialogue box will appear and you can tick Maximum Render Quality.

Click on the icon and select

The Maximum Render Quality setting will NOT appear unless the Premiere Pro CS4 updates have been installed and may not work properly if the Adobe Media Encoder updates have not been installed.


Related Settings

You can also choose maximum bit depth.  You can find both of these settings by selecting Sequence → Sequence Settings.

Sequence Settings

If you tick these settings, a warning dialogue box will appear.

Suggestion to change render optimization settings

To find the Optimize for Memory setting, select Edit → Preferences and you can find it at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Edit - Preferences

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~by longzijun


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