New Composition: Elegy

I’ve just added this song to the background music series:

The song was written in memory of a former student of mine who passed away from a stroke two weeks ago at the age of 21. It was a way of expressing my feelings. This is the message I posted on Facebook:

Wow…Kitty, I don’t know what to say. We’re all going to miss you. At least, during your short life (far, far too short), you were able to touch so many people in a positive way. That’s a big accomplishment that not many of us can achieve. Even the younger students here have all been talking about how wonderful you are …your smile, your liveliness, your leadership. You inspired a lot of people. In our memories, in the way you’ve changed us, you’ll always be around.

As for the song itself, because it is requiem inspired by a such sad event, I wrote it in a major key (otherwise it would probably be unbearably melancholic). The light arrangement (with high notes on the piano and bells) is meant to convey her lively, but gently demeanor. The final verse is purposefully cut  short and left unresolved. It was recorded using a Korg M50 synthesizer.


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