Jazz & Blues Background Music & Backing Tracks for Improvisation and Solos

I had planned on doing a series of backing tracks, but the response was lukewarm, so I put that idea on hold. At the moment, I only have a couple of songs here. I may be adding more songs later. The tracks are free to use for non-commercial purposes (and can be used in monetized YouTube videos that are otherwise non-commercial in nature); just add a credit: backing track by longzijun.

Jazz Vamp in D Minor

A jazz progression (120 bpm) with a walking bass line, gentle drums and congas, a sparse piano and simple guitar chords. The 16 bar progression repeats three times in the short version and nine times in the long version.

Download Links: Short Version

Download Links: Long Version

Backing Track: Hospital Eyes (Blues Backing Track)

This is the first in a new series of backing tracks for your solos (guitar, saxophone, keyboards, piano, trumpet, etc). It’s a standard 12-bar blues progression (Cm7 x 4, Fm7 x 2, Cm7 x 2, Gm7, Fm7, Cm7 x 2). A suitable minor blues scale for this would be C, E flat, G, G flat and B flat. The track is free to use; just add a credit: backing track by longzijun. It can also be used as background music for videos, animation, slide shows and presentations (though it is very repetitive!) The music was played on a Korg M50 (with drums loops from SoundPool). The video is simply a screen capture of the music being played on Media Monkey with the Milkdrop music visualizer turned on. There are also two versions of the song in different keys (C#m and Dm) and tempos.

Version A: Blues in C minor

Download Links (C minor)

Version B: Blues in C# minor


Download Links (C# minor)

Version C: Blues in D minor


Download Links (D minor)

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9 thoughts on “Jazz & Blues Background Music & Backing Tracks for Improvisation and Solos

  1. Hi, Super Music, just what I am looking for, I have a couple of non profit videos in which I would like to use your music, the videos are a little shorter than the music pieces. Is it allowed to shorten and fade out the music?

      • Hi, Thanks for the permission to use your music. I decided to use “bgmusic14 Arpology 2 (Ambient Synth version).mp3” because I think the style is perfect for my paintings.

        I have just made my first Photo video using “Magix” software, I have placed your credit at the end of the video, is this OK?
        If this is OK I will shortly place the Video online, also on my website, if you want I can place a link there to your page.
        Here is a link to the video:-

  2. Hey there
    I found your music and was wondering if we could use it in our little TV show which is purely non profit and no money is involved. It is for the use of background music in a talk show which is part of our university assessment. Please email me back asap. :)


    • Sure, that’s fine. Just add a credit: Music by Longzijun. I think this music is more suitable for musicians to practice soloing over. You might try one of the tracks in the background music collection instead (maybe no. 12 or 23),


  3. Hi Longzijun,

    Looking for a Cm blues track for a student jam class and this video works great, but the MP3 download looks to be in C#m. (Same file as C# minor download). Am I missing something?

    Thanks for sharing you art.

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