Abandoned Things

Abandoned Portrait
Abandoned Portrait

I’ve been taking pictures of abandoned objects, like this cowgirl portrait, around HK. Almost all the several hundred photos were taken in areas of Hong Kong where urban areas border on the countryside. There, the forests are filled with all kinds of things that have been discarded—electric appliances, vehicles, toys, furniture, even disco balls. At one point, all the objects served a purpose; some may even have been treasured. And then they were dumped and forgotten. Once abandoned outdoors, the objects are at the mercy of nature. Nature isn’t known for her mercy. The mute objects hold untold stories. Why, for example, would be one show left on a ledge below a highway overpass? Here are some of the images. Click on any of the photos to view them as a slide show.

View the entire series on Google Photos

See the complete set of photos:

  1. Abandoned Things: Main Set (450 images)
  2. Abandoned Things: Toy Story (55 Photos)
    Plush animals and dolls.
  3. Abandoned Things: Bicycles Only (60 images)
  4. Dumped Things (55 photos)
    These are from an something like an informal dump that someone is operating. Some intestesting scientific equipment has been left here.
  5. Digital Harinezumi+ Series (138 photos)
    The Digital Harinezumi 2++ (digital toy camera) is a toy camera is like a small digital version of a lomography camera. Its main weaknesses are its tendency to overexpose light colours and go out of focus on some areas of the picture.
  6. Abandoned Places: Digital Harinezumi 2 (19 photos)
  7. Abandoned Places: Sony Nex-7 (32 photos)

~by longzijun



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