Preview & Download Background Music Tracks 1-23

Here are songs 1-23 in the Free Background music series. These songs can be used for free for non-commercial projects as long as they are properly credited (“music by longzijun”). The link to the mp3 file (hosted on Boxnet) is after each video. Once you get to the boxnet page look for the download arrow at the top right of the screen.

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Background Music Songs

Chillvolution (Background Music 23) 4:45, 90 bpm

Pop, & R&B
This laid-back jazzy hip hop groove is suitable for a wide range of uses. It is good for vlogs as the melody is barely noticeable and the music is quite upbeat and not distracting. If you keep the volume low in the mix, it will simply bubble away on the background.

Download MP3: Chillvolution (BGM 23)

As longs as a word remains unspoken (Background Music 22) 2:14, 65 bpm

New age, classical piano
The tempo is actually 130 bpm, but the feeling is more like 65 bpm.
This is a very gentle piano instrumental with a slighly East-Asian feel to the melody.

Download MP3: As longs as a word remains unspoken (BGM 22)
If you like this song, you can check out my other songs that are similar in style: Background Music: Soft, relaxing and romantic-tracks/

Transect (Background Music 19) 6:55, 120 bpm

Techno, trance, rock & pop
This is a popular song. With its mix of electronic and rock styles and quickfire bassline, it’s a good choice if you want to add energy to your video. The use of tremolo guitar, rock riffs and jazz-drum-breaks makes it stand out from typical techno songs. You can also download an alternate version without the guitar solo at the end.

Download MP3:Transect (BGM 19a)
Download MP3 (no guitar solo): Transect (no solo) (BGM 19b)

Rock Funk Beast (Background Music 18) 3:33, 95 bpm

This is exactly what it says on the tin. A straightforward rock track with a touch of funk. This is a loop based composition

Download MP3: Rock Funk Beast (BGM 18)

Elegy (Background Music 17) 4:53, 77 bpm

Synth-piano Ballad
This is a slow and melancholy piano piece that was composed in memory of one of my former students who passed away suddenly a few weeks before. I didn’t want a really sad, heavy and depressing sound, however, as the girl was very sweet and cheerful. Therefore, the song was written in a major key and the arrangement is kept very light.

Download MP3: Elegy (BGM 17)

San (Background Music 16) 3:43, 112 bpm

This is melodic electronica in a minor key. Bubbling synth sounds make up the bass and harmony creating a light and upbeat sound. Contrasting with this is a gentle melody.

Download MP3: San (BGM 16)

Arpology 2 (Ambient Synth version) (Background Music 14) 6:10, 71 bpm

Ambient (synthesizer)
This is a very peaceful song without much going on it in, so it is suitable to use if you want the music to stay out of the way and remain completely in the background. It is based on the same chords as Arpology 1

Download MP3: Arpology 2: Ambient Synth Version (BGM 14)

Dreams (Background Music 12) 10:40, 120 bpm

Minimalist (piano, synthesizer, drums)
This is the most popular song so far. The minimalist style is suitable for lots of different styles of videos, and though it is over ten minutes long there is enough variation to maintain the listener’s interest. The main melody is influence by Balinese gamelan music, giving the song a rather unique sound. The first three or four minutes strictly follow a pentatonic scale.

Download MP3: Dreams (BGM 12)

Dreams Outtake (Background Music 12b) 2:16, 120 bpm

Minimalist (piano, guitar,synthesizer, drums)
This is a first draft of Background Music 12 (Dreams). It has a heavier beat and uses more guitar-like synthesizer sounds

Download MP3: Dreams Outtake (1st draft) (BGM 12b)

Safe Harbour (Background Music 11) 5:12, 80/160 bpm

Minimalist (piano, cello, acoustic bass, harp, flute, French horn. clarinet, drums)
In this song the piano lines propel the song forward, the wind instruments add colour and the cello adds a touch of melancholy. The drums come in around two-thirds of the way through the song to add a dramatic flourish.

Download MP3: Safe Harbour (BGM 11a)

Safe Harbor (without drums) (Background Music 11b) 3:48, 80/160 bpm

Minimalist (piano, cello, acoustic bass, harp, flute, French horn. clarinet. Basically the same as the original version, but this one does not have drums and is shorter

Download MP3: Safe Harbor (Drumless Version) (BGM 11b)

Little Ape (Background Music 10) 3:00, 135 bpm

Electronica/pop (synthesizer)
This song has an retro lo-fi sound and, despite being in a minor key, a cheerful, upbeat feel. It was written to accompany lo-fi video shot with a toy camera.

Download MP3: Little Ape (BGM 10)

GIS (Background Music 09) 3:00, 109 bpm

Electronica, chill-out (synthesizer, drums, percussion, bass)
This is a gentle song. The drums and bass provide an upbeat rhythm, that contrasts with the a wistful East Asian-style melody.

Download MP3: GIS (BGM 09)

Mime This (Background Music 05) 2:27, 140 bpm

Alt-rock groove (electric guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums, percussion)

Download MP3: Mime This (BGM 05)

Cool Jazz Vamp in D Minor (Background Music 05) 1:42 (6-minute version also available for download), 120 bpm

A cool jazz vamp (120 bpm) with a walking bass line, gentle drums and congas, a sparse piano and simple guitar chords. The 16 bar progression repeats three times in the short version and nine times in the long version.

Download MP3:
Download MP3 (6-minute version):

Snacks and Watches – Short Version (Background Music 04b) 4:42, 120 bpm

Chill-out, rhythmic but mellow (synthesizer, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic bass. electric bass, Asian fiddle, drums, percussion)

Download MP3: Snacks and Watches (BGM 04b)

Snacks and Watches (Background Music 04) 7:21, 120 bpm

This is basically the same as the shorter version but has an extended intro with a clockwork-like feel and a longer coda at the end

Download MP3: Snacks and Watches (BGM 04a)

Walk in the Dark (Background Music 03) 2:12, 130 bpm

Ambient (synthesizer)
This is a good piece to demonstrate the sound of the Korg MicroX. It only has a two-octave keyboard, but the sound is quite rich. This song was played in one take without overdubs and without programming the synth.

Download MP3: Walk in the Dark (BGM 03)

Versatile< (Background Music 02) 3:28, 120 bpm

Upbeat & lively with funk. jazz, pop and reggae influences (electric guitar, horn section, synthesizer, drums, percussion).

Download MP3: Versatile (BGM 02)

SD SFX (Chill) (Background Music 01) 2:20, 100 bpm

Minimalist, quite calm but with a beat (piano, flute, English horn, Asian fiddle, drums, percussion)

Download MP3: SD SFX (Chill) (BGM 01)

Most of the above compositions were created as soundtracks for video projects, animation or computer games. Some songs (especially the earlier ones) were created mainly using loops while other songs are mainly played using a Korg MicroX or M50 syntheszier. Most of the songs were put together using Cakewalk’s Sonars Home Studio 7.

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9 thoughts on “Preview & Download Background Music Tracks 1-23

  1. I’ve used your music on a couple of videos and am really pleased with the result. The music is not intrusive, but complementary. I mix some stills with video action so the music helps to fill the audio gaps. Thanks very much for your great work.

  2. Hi! I am going to use Versatile as background music for my presentation. Of course I’m going put you in my credits, it’s my one little way to show my gratitude. Thank you so much for making great background music and allowing others to use it for free. Your work is very admirable. I hope you’ll continue to be blessed with great creativity :)

  3. A chance discovery of your channel gave me immense hope of finding out suitable background music to my videos on youtube…Its is really nice man that all your music are so good only to be enjoyed…credit will no doubt will go to you for your wonderful contribution….hope with your permission I could use your music in my future youtube uploads…. thanks once again…klnaraa

  4. Thank you so much for the share!
    I used one of your soundtracks in my Power Point Presentation and teachers liked it so much. Thank you again! Thanks for this precious share for free :)

  5. These are one of the best songs i have ever heard…..Listening to such songs give me pleasure…..Thank You for giving such a wonderful gift for my movie making competition.

  6. I would like to use your background music for a slideshow presentation. It is exactly what I wanted. I am unable to speak during the presentation, so the music helps a lot!

  7. I would love to use your snacks and watches track please for a short video I am putting together for a cottage that we have holiday rental for at Mannum in South Australia, your music is great.

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