Preview & Download Background Music Tracks 13-24

Here are songs 13-24 in the Free Background music series. These songs can be used for free for non-commercial projects as long as they are properly credited (“music by longzijun”). The link to the mp3 file (hosted on Boxnet) is after each video. Once you get to the boxnet page look for the download arrow at the top right of the screen.

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Lock and Love (Background Music 24) 6:24, 86 bpm

Classical, pop & folk
This is a romantic and melodic song with with flute, strings and acoustic guitar, bass and percussion.

Download MP3: Lock and Love (BGM 24)

Chillvolution (Background Music 23) 4:45, 90 bpm

Pop, & R&B
This laid-back jazzy hip hop groove is suitable for a wide range of uses. It is good for vlogs as the melody is barely noticeable and the music is quite upbeat and not distracting. If you keep the volume low in the mix, it will simply bubble away on the background.

Download MP3: Chillvolution (BGM 23)

As longs as a word remains unspoken (Background Music 22) 2:14, 65 bpm

New age, classical piano
The tempo is actually 130 bpm, but the feeling is more like 65 bpm.
This is a very gentle piano instrumental with a slighly East-Asian feel to the melody.

Download MP3: As longs as a word remains unspoken (BGM 22)
If you like this song, you can check out my other songs that are similar in style: Background Music: Soft, relaxing and romantic-tracks/

Transect (Background Music 19) 6:55, 120 bpm

Techno, trance, rock & pop
This is a popular song. With its mix of electronic and rock styles and quickfire bassline, it’s a good choice if you want to add energy to your video. The use of tremolo guitar, rock riffs and jazz-drum-breaks makes it stand out from typical techno songs. You can also download an alternate version without the guitar solo at the end.

Download MP3:Transect (BGM 19a)
Download MP3 (no guitar solo): Transect (no solo) (BGM 19b)

Rock Funk Beast (Background Music 18) 3:33, 95 bpm

This is exactly what it says on the tin. A straightforward rock track with a touch of funk. This is a loop based composition

Download MP3: Rock Funk Beast (BGM 18)

Elegy (Background Music 17) 4:53, 77 bpm

Synth-piano Ballad
This is a slow and melancholy piano piece that was composed in memory of one of my former students who passed away suddenly a few weeks before. I didn’t want a really sad, heavy and depressing sound, however, as the girl was very sweet and cheerful. Therefore, the song was written in a major key and the arrangement is kept very light.

Download MP3: Elegy (BGM 17)

San (Background Music 16) 3:43, 112 bpm

This is melodic electronica in a minor key. Bubbling synth sounds make up the bass and harmony creating a light and upbeat sound. Contrasting with this is a gentle melody.

Download MP3: San (BGM 16)

Arpology 2 (Ambient Synth version) (Background Music 14) 6:10, 71 bpm

Ambient (synthesizer)
This is a very peaceful song without much going on it in, so it is suitable to use if you want the music to stay out of the way and remain completely in the background. It is based on the same chords as Arpology 1

Download MP3: Arpology 2: Ambient Synth Version (BGM 14)

Song No. 18—Rock Funk Beast—was created mainly using loops while other songs are mainly played using a Korg MicroX or M50 syntheszier. The songs were put together using Cakewalk’s Sonars Home Studio.

Read: Terms of use
Preview: Background music tracks 1-12
Preview: Background Music Tracks 25-33


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36 thoughts on “Preview & Download Background Music Tracks 13-24

  1. Hi there , I have a page on facebook and I like to do filming of what our page does ect. can I use some of these at all? or do I have to make my own music?
    I know facebook is getting tough now just like you tube . so I have to be careful of what i put in a clip other wise facebook will pull down my page. can someone please answer my question . I love the music on here .

  2. That should be fine. The music is free to use for non-commercial purposes. The music should go well with time-lapse. Maybe you can send me a link when you are done so I can check out your work.

  3. Hey man. I really like all the music. I am a photographer and videast from Mozambique in Southern Africa at the moment working making some video art… Please give me your full name for credits. Best

  4. Hi, you can just use ‘music longzijun’. My full name is Stephen Richards, but if people are looking for my online work it is so much easier to find me using ‘longzijun’. I would be interested in seeing your art, so if possible, send me a link if you post the video.

  5. Hello! I’m an amateur filmmaker and I would like to thank you for letting everyone use your music! It really saves me alot of time and gives me more ideas for future films! Thanks again!

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  7. Thanks so much for your contributions! It helped me a lot! And I will give you the credits in the end cause I really appreciate it, cause you let people download your music for free instead of charging us money, which is generous thing to do. Thanks again!

  8. Hi, can I use your piece Dreams Outtake (1st draft) for my showreel I am an editor (still in university) and need some music for my reel.

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  10. Thanks for your music . Do you have anymore music that quite and slow. I don`t know how to describe it clean , but I only feel it deep . I`m finding some music for my contemporary dance . If have ,please tell me ,thanks. E-mail :

  11. All my finished songs are posted already. The quietest and slowest ones would be numbers 22 (as long as a word remains unspoken) and 17 (elegy)

  12. Really impressed with your talent for music and thanks for helping with a family video project

  13. wow, this is great. I was looking for something for my architectural assignments to show of one of my buildings and I was wondering if I can use your music? I will of course add you in my credits :)

  14. Hello sir thank you so much for the music i simply love them you are very very generous sir when i listen to them i get a lot of creativity

  15. Hi, I made a short film of a surf trip using one of your beautiful songs ‘arpology’.
    Thank you so much for creating such great songs and giving chances to use them for free.

    Please check out my work when you have some time. Thanks.

  16. wonderful work…. I appreciate the inimitable efforts put by the musicians…. Keep it up…

  17. I’m impressed by your music. I work for a Non Profit, we design programs for poor children and I used your ‘Dream’ song as background music for one of our videos. I gave you credit on the video. Hope that this is ok. Keep it going, amazing work. Thank you!


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