Background Music: Soft, relaxing and romantic tracks

soft and relaxing songsThese songs have a soft, melancholy or nostalgic sound. The songs may be used for non-commercial purposes; simply provide the credit: music by longzijun (Except of course for those songs by featured guests. For these, you should use the credits show below the video)

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Background Music: Gentle, Romantic and/or Melancholy Songs

Broken (3:17, Background Music 35)
A three-minute gentle and sad song played on piano. It is influenced by classical minuets but is more minimalist and contemporary in feel

Download MP3: Broken (BGM 35)
Download WAV: Broken (BGM 35)

Featured Guest: I Vow to Thee, My Country (2:12, FGS 02 & Nackground Music 35, Piano arrangement and performance by Kate Kwok)

Credits: Arrangement and performance by Kate Kwok (2015) Song composed by Gustav Mahler and Sir Cecil Spring Rice (1921)
Download WAV: I Vow to Thee, My Country (WAV)
Download MP3: I Vow to Thee, My County (MP3)

Echoes & Fragments (3:00, Background Music 30)

Download MP3: Echoes & Fragments

Almost a Love Story (5:00 Background Music 26)

Download MP3: Almost a Love Story

Featured Guest: The Mercury Tale: Music by Jessica Yip (0:53, Short Instrumental 15 & Featured Guest Series 03)
A short and gentle, anime-inspired piano song: 0:53

Credits: The Mercury Tale: Music by Jessica Yip (2015)
Download MP3: The Mercury Tale
Download WAV (for higher quality): The Mercury Tale by Jessica Yip

Ravenchanter (4:04, Background Music 29)
Not very romantic, but definitely soft and relaxing—a mysterious and hypnotic ambient piece with acoustic guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion and wind instruments.

The file for this one has disappeared. Here is a temporary link. A higher quality version will be uploaded in mid-August:

Featured Guest (Wild Illusion by Nikolaos Taramanidis: Wild Illusion (5:43, FGS 01 & Background Music 28)
The first part of this acoustic guitar ballad; the second half, starting at 3:11 is more of rock ballad with a hint of blues

Credits: Composition and Recording by Nikolaos Taramanidis
Download MP3:

Lock and Love (6:20, Background Music 24)

Download MP3:Lock and Love

As long as a word remains unspoken (2:15, Background Music 22)

Download MP3:As long as a word remains unspoken

Love vs Time (0:24, Instrumental Theme 04)

Download MP3: Love vs Time

Memoryne (3:30, Background Music 25)

Download MP3:Memoryne

Memoryne Short Music Box Version (0:55, Background Music 25b)

Download MP3:Memoryne

Elegy (4:53, Background Music 17)

Download MP3: Elegy

Safe Harbour (5:12, Background Music 11)

Download MP3: Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour – Drumless version (3:48, Background Music 11b)

Download MP3: Safe Harbour (Drumless version)

Featured Guest: Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in E-flat major, Op.23, No. 6 (Andante): Performed by Tong Chi-ling (2:55, Classical Music 01)

This is a classical piece. I hope to upload these in the future. The credits of course will be different and should be more detailed. The credits should read:
Work: Prelude in E-flat major, Op.23, No. 6 (Andante)
Credits: Composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff (1901-1903,according to American copyright law, this music is in the public domain). Performed by Tong Chi-ling (2012)
Recorded/produced by: longzijun (2012)
Terms of Use: The musical performance may be used for non-commercial purposes as long as credit is given.
Download MP3: Prelude in E-flat major

Chill – SD SFX (2:10, Background Music 01)

Download MP3: Chill (SD SFX)


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23 thoughts on “Background Music: Soft, relaxing and romantic tracks

  1. I didn’t hope much, but I was utterly blown away by the only one I just downloaded ‘almost a love story’!! You are amazing!! Thanks a whole universe for sharing it:D

  2. almost a love story……guys thanku fr this…i wl use it fr my song n definately..the credits i wl give to this site….thanku…u r the bestest guys…

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  4. I have been having our old 16mm home movies from 30-40 years ago converted to digital as a gift for my mom. Sadly, there is no audio as the old film cameras didn’t have that. I used Elegy over the footage of a first birthday and it was perfect. Poignant and sweet with the tinkling notes, but also happy. Thank you so much for your willingness to share!!!

  5. Thanx a lot….these compositions are great…I was looking for it…this will surely help me to lose my stress n will bring finest sleep…evey night…thnx again :)

  6. I can say i had heard the best music which can cool my mind easly
    I loved it a lot
    U may go for almost a love story

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