Chillvolution – New Song in Background Music Series

Here is the most recently added song (no. 23) in the free background music series.

Background Music Collection

It may be used for non-commercial purposes; just provide the credit ‘music by longzijun’. The whole collection of songs, with links to downloadable MP3s and more a detailed terms of use is here:


This song has a light and somewhat jazzy hip-hop feel to it. The melodies are very subtle and buried pretty deep down in the mix, so the song would also be suitable for use as a backing track for vocalists or soloists. It could also possibly be used as a rap beat. The instruments were played on two different synths: a Korg M50 and a Korg Micro X, a lot of the drum and percussion parts, however, are from loops. It was recorded and mixed using Sonar Home Studio with some mastering work done in Magix Audio Cleaning Lab.


The photos are of street art and graffiti (pieces, tags, stencils, throw ups and paste ups) in the Kwun Tong industrial area of Kowloon, Hong Kong. The photos are discussed here: Graffiti and Street Art in Hong Kong/

The whole set can be viewed on my Google+ page: Hong Kong Street Art Pt 2.


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