Background Music: Electronica, Techno & Trance

Electronica, Techno & Trance Background MusicThese songs are under the broad category of electronica and are more upbeat than those in the chill-out category. The songs may be used for non-commercial purposes; simply provide the credit: music by longzijun (read the Terms of Use). More songs will be added later. 

Download Problems

If you are having downloading problems, please refer to this page for possible solutions: Downloading Problems (Free Background Music Series).

Background Music Songs

Unfolded (3:56, Background Music 41)
A light electronic song that has a few quiet moments as well as a lively section.

To download the MP3 or WAC files, go to: Free Background Music 41: Unfolded

Buoyant (4:30, Background Music 36)
The song combines house music influences with pop and acoustic sounds. There are a lot of little sonic surprises throughout the song.

For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 36: Buoyant.

Transect (6:55, Background Music 18)
I like this one best. A harder-driving song

Download MP3:Transect
Download MP3:Transect (no guitar solo)

Dubtitution (7:25, Background Music 31)

A bass-heavy, dub-inspired song with a lot of sonic variety (bass, drums, celesta, clavichord, wah-wah rhythm guitar, processed lead guitar, organ and a lot of different percussion instruments)
For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 31: Dubtitution.

San (3:43, Background Music 16)
This one is also quite nice. It is a mid-tempo and more melodic piece

Download MP3: San

Short Instrumentals

A lot of my intro themes are in this category.

Short Instrumental Themes 17-24 (7 seconds to 34 seconds)

This video features 8 new tracks varying in length from 7 seconds to 34 seconds. There are two variations for each track. In most cases, the second version is slightly faster and one semitone higher. The following tracks are included:

  • Intro 17 (synth, with a beat) 0:34 & 0:32
  • Intro 18 (gentle & melodic) 0:10 & 0:09
  • Intro 19 (bubbly synth) 0:07.5 & 0:07
  • Intro 20 (aggressive: piano, guitar, war drums) 0:13 & 0:12
  • Intro 21 (perky synth & percussion) 0:08
  • Intro 22 (techno attack) 0:09 & 0:08
  • Intro 23 (slowly evolving sounds) 0:20 & 0:18
  • Intro 24 (synth & drums) 0:17 & 0:16

The download links (MP3 and WAVE files) are on this page: Intro Themes 17-24: Free Short Instrumentals for Intros, Outros and Credits

Holly’s Theme: Reprise (60 Seconds, Track 16)
This is a one-minute soundtrack that combines electronic and orchestral sounds. This is a remix of the middle part of the solo piano song featured in the video. The 60-second version can be heard at 2:54 of the video. There is also a version without drums that can be downloaded.

The MP3 and WAV file download links for all three versions are on this page: Holly’s Theme (full and short versions).

Short Instrumental Theme 06 (0:20, Track 6)
This song is suitable for intros. There is a two second sound-effects intro, so the length of the song depends on how much of this you decide to keep).

Download MP3 Version: Short Instrumental Theme 06
Download WAV Version: Short Instrumental Theme 06

Instrumental 05 (0:14, Track 5)
Electronic, in a minor key with a steady beat

Download MP3: Short Instrumental Theme 05

Happy Virus  (0:36, Track 2)

A short techno-flavored song for intros. Do check out Mandy Mui’s lovely animation

Download MP3: Happy Virus


Track 1. Short Intro (0:12, Track 1)

Download MP3: Short Instrumental Theme 01


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