Background Music: Techno, Electronica & Trance

Electronica, Techno & Trance Background MusicThese songs are under the broad category of electronica and are more upbeat than those in the chill-out category. The songs may be used for non-commercial purposes; simply provide the credit: music by longzijun (read the Terms of Use). More songs will be added later. Go the Free Background Music main page


Download Problems

If you are having downloading problems, please refer to this page for possible solutions: Downloading Problems (Free Background Music Series).

Background Music Songs

Buoyant (4:30. Background Music 36)
The song combines house music influences with pop and acoustic sounds. There are a lot of little sonic surprises throughout the song.

Download MP3 (320 kbps, 48 khz) from Boxnet:

Download WAV:

Transect (6:55, Background Music 18)
I like this one best. A harder-driving song

Download MP3:Transect
Download MP3:Transect (no guitar solo)

Dubtitution (7:25, Background Music 31)

A bass-heavy, dub-inspired song with a lot of sonic variety (bass, drums, celesta, clavichord, wah-wah rhythm guitar, processed lead guitar, organ and a lot of different percussion instruments)
Download MP3:Dubtitution

San (3:43, Background Music 16)
This one is also quite nice. It is a mid-tempo and more melodic piece

Download MP3: San

Happy Virus (0:36, Background Music 08)
A short techno-flavored song for intros. Do check out Mandy Mui’s lovely animation

Download MP3: Happy Virus


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