Free Background Music: Rock Instrumentals

Rock Instrumentals - Background MusicThese are my songs that have a rock feel or at least have rock elements to them. The songs may be used for non-commercial purposes; simply provide the credit: music by longzijun (read the Terms of Use). More songs will be added later.


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Background Music Songs

Rock Funk Beast (3:33, Background Music 18)
Straightforward guitar-based rock with a slightly funky vibe

Download MP3:Rock Funk Beast

Mime This (2:27, Background Music 05)
This has more of a alt-rock feel to it.

Download MP3:Mime This

Soft & Hard (0:33, Instrumental Music 07)
A very short piece. The rock guitar and beat come in halfway though. It is suitable for intros and credit sequences.

Download MP3:Soft and Hard

Sonicidence: (2:48, Background Music 27)
A hypnotic opening with a thumping electronic middle section with a rock ending. This one would be suitable for movie trailers where you want to set a mood and then burst into some action sequences. There are two different versions (they are they same except for the ending—the newer version has a more active bass line and louder guitars at the end.

Original Version

Download MP3: Sonicidence (Mix 2) (BGM 27b)
Download MP3: Sonicidence (Original Version)(BGM 27a) The version in the Vimeo Video


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3 thoughts on “Free Background Music: Rock Instrumentals

  1. Thank you for making background tracks. I needed something appropriate for the video I made of JROTC COMP and your rock arrangement was perfect. Here is a link to the video. Credit to lungzijun and a BIG thank you.

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