Upbeat Background Music and Dramatic Theme: Free Instrumentals

Upbeat Songs and Lively Background MusicFew of my songs can be considered upbeat or dramatic. No matter what I do, when I create a song, it tends to come out a little sad sad and laid-back. These would be the most exciting and happiest ones so far. the songs can be use for free for non-commercial purposes (read the Terms of Use). Go the Free Background Music main page


1.Dramatic Themes

Summit by Gary Ames (3:26, Background Music 39)

This is a pulsating, energetic orchestral soundtrack (128 bpm). The kick drum comes in after about 70 seconds. This song is part of a featured guest series, and the song should be credited as follows: Composed and produced by Gary Ames. For more information and download links (MP3 and WAV  files are available), go to:  Summit: Free Background Music 39

Little Hero (2:58, Background Music 33)

This is a dramatic, anime-influenced theme. It is fast (134 bpm) and features a lot of orchestral instruments as well as rock guitar and electronic sounds. For more information and download links (MP3 and WAV  files are available), go to:  Little Hero: Free Background Music 33

Intro Theme Music 06 (19-21 seconds, Instrumental Theme 06)

This is a slower, but expansive sounding short theme that blend classical and electronica timbres. This intro itself contains a two-second intro that you can cut if you need a slightly shorter theme.
Download MP3 Version: Short Instrumental Theme 06
Download WAV Version: Short Instrumental Theme 06

2.Upbeat Songs

Buoyant (4:20 Background Music 36) 4:20

In a minor key, but still quite bubbly and cheerful. For more information and download links (MP3 and WAV  files are available), go to:  Buoyant: Free Background Music 36

Versatile (3:28, Background Music 02)

This is a lively song with a the works— drums, xylophones, horns, bass and guitars. Download MP3:Versatile

Just Be (0:24, Instrumental Theme 03)

This is a happy, reggae-influenced short theme. Download MP3: Just Be

Upbeat Jazz Intro (0:18, Instrumental Theme 10)

There are eight different versions of this theme:
Versions 1-4 (YouTube)

1. Guitar and tuba only
2. Piano, guitar, tuba and drums
3. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano, tuba, drums
4. Female vocals (scat style), piano, guitar, tuba
Download MP3 Part 1: Jazz Intro (Versions 1-4)
Versions 5-8 (Vimeo)

5. Guitar, piano, tuba
6. Female vocals (scat style), piano, guitar, tuba, drums
7. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano, tuba
8. Distorted vocals (electric guitar sound), piano, guitar, tuba, drums
Download MP3 Part 2: Jazz Intro (Versions 5-8)


Snacks and Watches – Short Version (4:42, Background Music 04b)

Only the first 1:45 can be considered upbeat. This part features mellow, latin rhythms and a nice acoustic guitar solo. After 1:45, however, it goes into a more dramatic minor key mood.
Download MP3: Snacks and Watches

Transect (6:55, Background Music 18)

This one is from the electronica section. It is not particularly happy but it is quite fast and has some energy.
Download MP3:Transect
Download MP3:Transect (no guitar solo)

Little Ape (3:00, Background Music 10)

This one has a lo-fi kind of sound. The melody is wistful, but the beat is bright and uptempo.
Download MP3:Little Ape


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7 thoughts on “Upbeat Background Music and Dramatic Theme: Free Instrumentals

  1. Thank you for your free music clips. I used Versatile in a Book Trailer I made for one of my publishing clients. I credited you at the end of the trailer. Thanks again, Dr. C.

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