Upbeat Background Music and Dramatic Theme: Free Instrumentals

Upbeat Songs and Lively Background MusicFew of my songs can be considered upbeat or dramatic. No matter what I do, when I create a song, it tends to come out a little sad sad and laid-back. These would be the most exciting and happiest ones so far. the songs can be use for free for non-commercial purposes (read the Terms of Use).
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Download Problems

If you are having downloading problems, please refer to this page for possible solutions: Downloading Problems (Free Background Music Series).

1.Dramatic Themes

Little Hero (2:58, Background Music 33)
This is a dramatic, anime-influenced theme. It is fast (134 bpm) and features a lot of orchestral instruments as well as rock guitar and electronic sounds.

Download MP3: Little Hero (BGM 33)
Download WAV: Little Hero (BGM 33)

Intro Theme Music 06 (19-21 seconds, Instrumental Theme 06)
This is a slower, but expansive sounding short theme that blend classical and electronica timbres. This intro itself contains a two-second intro that you can cut if you need a slightly shorter theme.

Download MP3 Version: Short Instrumental Theme 06
Download WAV Version: Short Instrumental Theme 06

2.Upbeat Songs

Buoyant (4:20 Background Music 36) 4:20
A new upload! In a minor key, but still quite bubbly and cheerful.

The download links for the music files (MP3 versions and WAV files) are at the bottom of the YouTube video description (either play the embedded video and click on the YouTube icon to open the YouTube video page or click on this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVQBFlHvI_s).

Versatile (3:28, Background Music 02)
This is a lively song with a the works— drums, xylophones, horns, bass and guitars

Download MP3:Versatile

Just Be (0:24, Instrumental Theme 03)
This is a happy, reggae-influenced short theme.

Download MP3: Just Be

Upbeat Jazz Intro (0:18, Instrumental Theme 10)

There are eight different versions of this theme:

Versions 1-4 (YouTube)

1. Guitar and tuba only
2. Piano, guitar, tuba and drums
3. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano, tuba, drums
4. Female vocals (scat style), piano, guitar, tuba
Download MP3 Part 1: Jazz Intro (Versions 1-4)

Versions 5-8 (Vimeo)

5. Guitar, piano, tuba
6. Female vocals (scat style), piano, guitar, tuba, drums
7. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano, tuba
8. Distorted vocals (electric guitar sound), piano, guitar, tuba, drums
Download MP3 Part 2: Jazz Intro (Versions 5-8)


Snacks and Watches – Short Version (4:42, Background Music 04b)
Only the first 1:45 can be considered upbeat. This part features mellow, latin rhythms and a nice acoustic guitar solo. After 1:45, however, it goes into a more dramatic minor key mood.

Download MP3: Snacks and Watches

Transect (6:55, Background Music 18)
This one is from the electronica section. It is not particularly happy but it is quite fast and has some energy.

Download MP3:Transect
Download MP3:Transect (no guitar solo)

Little Ape (3:00, Background Music 22)
This one has a lo-fi kind of sound. The melody is wistful, but the beat is bright and uptempo.

Download MP3:Little Ape


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8 thoughts on “Upbeat Background Music and Dramatic Theme: Free Instrumentals

  1. Thank you for your free music clips. I used Versatile in a Book Trailer I made for one of my publishing clients. I credited you at the end of the trailer. Thanks again, Dr. C.

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