Photos of Lake Okanagan (Around Pentiction and Kelowna)

These photos of Lake Okanagan were taken during a trip to Kelowna and Pentiction British Columbia.
Click on any of the below images to open the gallery slideshow. If you are using Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8, the gallery function will not appear. However, you can still view the entire set of photos in this series (over 100 images) at a higher resolution (2048×1365) at Google Plus:

In this set of photographs, I am exploring the way light interacts with the landscape and sky.

The Okangagan in a valley nestled in the middle of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia; it is known for its mild climate and agriculture, especially its vineyards and orchards. It has a remarkably dry climate and is considered the northernmost part of the Sonoran desert. In summer the light during the day is harsh, so most of the photos in this series were taken around sunset or just after sunrise (as my body hadn’t become accustomed to the time differences and I would wake up every morning around 4:00 am).

During the summer, the weather during the day is sunny almost all the time, but occasionally a storm will blow through, and some of the photos featured here are storm clouds at sunset.

The photos were taken with a Sony Nex-7.

View the entire set of photos (100 images): Google+ Gallerÿ: Okanagan Views.

Music Video: Memoryne

I used photos from this series in two of my one of my background music videos .

I’ve also made a short music-box style version of the composition:

This piano composition is part of a series of instrumentals music tracks offered as free background music ( You can download MP3 and and WAV files on this page: Free Background Music 25: Memoryne.

I hope you like the song and video.

~by longzijun


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