New Backgroumd Music Song: Almost a Love Story

The sound of sickness: For the past week, I’ve had the flu that’s been going around. This had been bad for my fitness and my work schedule but good for more leisurely activities like watching DVDs (Life of Pi, The Hobbit, Argo) and composing songs. I wrote this song during this period, so maybe this is what the flu sounds like.

Music, photos and videos by longzijun.

This is the 26th song in the free background music collection. The music track can be used for non-commercial purposes; just provide a credit: music by longzijun. To download the MP3 file or preview and download other songs in the collection, go to

In this song, I am going for a Joe Hisaishi (who often composes scores for Hayao Miyazaki) kind of sound. The mood is nostalgic but still a little sweet. The guitar, bass, violin, flute, vibraphone, bells and ney parts were played on a Korg M50 while the drum parts are from loops.

The teddy bears were donated to our school studio by a student a few years ago (maybe she had outgrown them). They occasionally help out by appearing as actors and models in our videos. The photos in this video were mainly shot at the school’s Creative Media Studio and English Corner as well as some other places around campus. For this video, the bears also went on an outing to Ma On Shan (in Hong Kong). As I am new to photography, using the bears as models is good because they are very patient. No matter how long I take to adjust the camera settings, they never complain.

The entire set of pictures can be viewed here: Google+ Gallery (51 photos)

~by longzijun


4 thoughts on “New Backgroumd Music Song: Almost a Love Story

  1. Oh thanks! By the way, I started a new site to showcase the videos of people using my work (it is still under heavy construction, so I haven;t started promoting or even linking to it yet).

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