Chinese University of Hong Kong: Beautiful Photos of the Campus

To view the entire set of 14 photos of CUHK (at a higher resolution of 2048 x 1365), go to the Pretty CUHK Google Photos Gallery

Chinese University at Dawn

This lovely photo was taken from across Tolo Harbour just after sunrise. This is after a few months of rain and high humidity, so Hong Kong’s normal haze is gone and the sky is remarkably clear and blue. The sea is also very calm, especially near the shore, so there is an interesting reflection of the campus and hillside. The sun is just high enough in the sky to light up the whole scene and bathe it in a warm light. The overall effect is that it makes the campus look like it is set near a tranquil Swiss lake.

Here is an interesting sunset, with the clouds forming a phoenix-like shape:

Here is an interesting sunset picture. I wish I had done a time-lapse of this one as a white swirling cloud unraveled itself and turned into a long dragon-like shape.

Photo of the CUHK campus at sunset

~by longzijun


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