Ravenchanter – New Addition to Background Music Series

Here is the latest song in the free background music series. Ravenchanter, the 29th song in the series, is a mysterious but relaxing ambient music instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drums, celesta and flute.

For this song, I was initially aiming for more of a folk sound, but I liked they way some of the other parts blended with the acoustic guitar so it is sort of an ambient-folk hybrid. The final version of the song is slightly different than the one heard here as I’ve changed a couple of lines of the guitar solo and simplified the drum fill at the very end.

The video are scenes of a few beaches near where I live (Ma On Shan & Wu Kai Sha) in Hong Kong. Most of the shots were taken using a Sony NEX-7 but one was taken with a Digital Harinezumi 2++ toy camera. The black and white effect was created using the Threshold filter ins Adobe Premiere Pro. I like the effect, especially the shots where abstract shapes turn into boats. This was quite an easy effect to pull off so I might do similar black and white animated videos in future.

Photo-taking - Wu Kai Sha

Photo-taking – Wu Kai Sha

This background music track can be used for free for non-commercial purposes; just provide a credit: music by longzijun. You can download the high-quality MP3 file for this song from: longzijun.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/free-background-music/

For more detailed terms of use of my background music songs, you can refer to:
Do check out the terms of use, especially if you think you might monetize your videos or use them for commercial purposes.

Snacks and Watches (Short Version)

I’ve also uploaded an alternative version of one of my first background music songs.

This is a shorter version of Snacks & Watches (vimeo.com/27086109), which was originally produced for a student video about the working elderly: The Pages of Life:

The video shows Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, with most of the footage shot from the Star Ferry. This short ferry ride has to be one of the cheapest high quality attractions in the world. If you do decide to visit Hong Kong, make sure you take the ferry at least once. The footage was shot on two different days, but both were during the summer, when rain, high humidity and prevailing winds combine to get rid of the haze and smog that otherwise envelops the territory.

View from aboard the Star Ferry

View from Aboard the Star Ferry

I made this shorter version because I noticed the original song was getting very short view times on YouTube. I suspect that it may have been because the introduction wasn’t very appealing. The original song’s intro was meant to have a clockwork-like feel to it, so it sounded rather mechanical and a little harsh. That intro suited the opening scenes of the student video, but with the music video, listeners weren’t waiting around to hear what would come next. This version opens right into the main part of the song. The beginning is upbeat and has a slightly latin feel to the rhythm. The second part moves into a more dramatic and somber minor key mood.

~by longzijun



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