Jazz Intro Music (Track 10)

I am in the middle of working on a longer song, but here is an upbeat jazz theme that you can use in video intros and outros, credit sequences or short animations. There are eight different versions of this 18-second song. The music is free for non-commercial use; just provide a credit: music by longzijun. For more short instrumental themes, go to Short Instrumentals and Loops. There are eight different arrangements of this jazz instrumental.

Upbeat Jazz Intro Versions 1-4 (YouTube)

1. Guitar & tuba
2. Guitar, piano, guitar, tuba & drums
3. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano, tuba &drums
4. Female vocals, piano, guitar, tuba
Download MP3 Part 1: Jazz Intro (Versions 1-4)

Upbeat Jazz Intro Versions 5-8 (Vimeo)

5. Guitar, piano & tuba
6. Female vocals, piano, guitar, tuba & drums
7. Clarinet, trombone, saxophone, piano & tuba
8. Distorted vocals (electric guitar effect), piano, guitar, tuba, drums
Download MP3 Part 2: Jazz Intro (Versions 5-8)

This is a loop based instrumental (i.e., the music is put together by combining pre-recorded snippets of the individual instruments.)


jazzComing up with interesting visuals that don’t take too long to make is always a challenge for me. I would prefer to concentrate on the music, but since YouTube and Google have been changing their search algorithms to focus more on how long viewers stick with a video, I need to make more effort to keep people’s attention. Even if someone is not interested a particular style of music, perhaps they will hang around longer if the visuals are interesting.

The video was produced by creating a short animation in iClone, a 3D animation programme that comes with some preset movements. You just need to bring in some 3D characters and then apply the movements to them. I then exported the animation and ran it through various video effects filters in Adobe Premiere Pro to create a 2D effect. I used Threshold to turn the animation into a two-tone black and white video and then added different combinations of other effects such as Invert, Find Edges, Paint Brush, Mosaic, Equalize, Texturize, Emboss and Mirror. I had previously experimented with iClone to do things like opening credits sequences. If you are interested in seen what the animation looks like in 3D, you can check out my work on this page: Animation tests with iClone 3

I previously used this two-tone animation effect on my last music video (for the song Ravenchanter). I like the effect and will keep using it for a while


Added to Vimeo

I am gradually adding all my songs to a back-up channel on Vimeo. This week’s upload is the short (27-second) piano instrumental Love and Time


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