Free Background Music 37: Holly’s Theme

In this video, I collaborated with a pianist, Kate Kwok, and five dancers from around the world—Haruko Kasai (Japan), Hope Gemmell (America), Applee Official (The Czech Republic) and Sarik Karichashvili and Mariam Barbaqadze (Georgia). I composed the song, Kate Kwok performed her piano arrangement and the dancers did their own choreography to the music. I hope you enjoy the video.

This solo piano instrumental—Holly’s Theme—is the 37th song in the Free Background Music Series (and the first song in the new Kinesonic Project Series of dance and music videos). As with the other songs in this series, this song can be used for free in non-commercial projects and in YouTube monetized videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature) as long as credit is provided (“music by longzijun”).

There is also a bonus track at the end—a one-minute orchestral version of the slow part of the song. This shorter work is the 17th song in the Free Short Instrumentals Series (featuring songs that are 6 to 60 seconds in length). For more information about the terms and conditions for using the music, you can refer to the detailed Terms of Use.

Download Links

Holly’s Theme (Main Version)

Holly’s Theme Reprise (a 60-second orchestral version of part of the song)

Holly’s theme Reprise Drumless Version (60-second orchestral version of part of the song)

If you are having downloading problems with the files, please refer to this page for possible solutions: Downloading Problems (Free Background Music Series).


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Music composition, music and video production: longzijun
Piano arrangement and performance: Kate Kwok

The following dancers are featured in this video:

  1. Haruko Kasai; video by Shinji Shirahige (visit his YouTube Channel)
  2. Hope Gemmell (visit her YouTube Channel)
  3. Applee Official (visit her YouTube Channel)
  4. Dance by Sarik Karichashvili and Mariam Barbaqadze, choreography by Sarik Karichashvili, Modern Dance Studio (visit his YouTube Channel). You can see their entire performance of the song in this video


Kinesonik Project


The Kinesonik project is a collaborative project for dancers (the kinesthetic & kinetic part of the name) and musicians (the sonic part) that allows them to gain exposure for their work while providing resources for other creative artists to use.

  • Musicians send their original songs (or recordings of public domain compositions) that will be made available for other people to use for free in non-commercial projects.
  • I post the songs on the Kinesonic site and dancers can preview and download a song that they are interested in.
  • The dancers then choreograph and videotape their dance performance to the song and send me the video.
  • I edit the videos submitted and post a compilation video on my main channel, with links back to the channels and social media pages of the performers.

If you are a dancer or, musician check out the site and see if you would like to participate.

About the Song

I composed this song as part of the soundtrack for a short film my students are working on. The fictional film is about the suicide of a young student, so the main theme has a propulsive feel to it, as if the girl is being driven to her fate, while the sparser middle section is for the part of the film showing the reaction of those who cared about her. To see some of the projects done by our student creative media team, you can visit our CMe Studio website.

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