Free Background Music 38: Somewhere Deep in the Sea

Somewhere Deep in the Sea (

This solo piano instrumental—Somewhere Deep in the Sea—is the 38th song in the Free Background Music Series. As with the other songs in this series, this song can be used for free in non-commercial projects and in YouTube monetized videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature) as long as the following credit is provided:

Somewhere Deep in the Sea
Composed and performed by Jessica Yip
Produced by longzijun

For more information about the terms and conditions for using the music, you can refer to the detailed Terms of Use.

Music Download Links

Two versions are available. The one in the above video has been slightly compressed to reduce the dynamic contrast (the softer parts become a little louder). There is also a full dynamic range version available; this one has greater contrast between the quieter and louder sections.

Somewhere Deep in the Sea (Main Version)

Somewhere Deep in the Sea (Full Dynamic Range Version)

If you are having downloading problems with the files, please refer to this page for possible solutions: Downloading Problems (Free Background Music Series).

About the Song

Jessica is one of our channel’s guest artists. This is a gentle piano song that is suitable for use as a soundtrack for touching, tranquil or nostalgic scenes. As the title suggests, the scene she had in mind when composing the song was a setting deep underwater.

The song was recorded using a Yamaha Clavinova. Jessica has a very light touch when playing the piano, so even during the climactic moments—where the arrangement gets quite busy—the song keeps its tender mood.

Jessica has also contributed The Mercury Tale—a short (fifty seconds) piano instrumental.

About the Video

The video is comprised of:

  • A music visualizer effect I created in After Effects using the Music Spectrum effect. I attached that spectrum to a circular mask and then animated it further using the Griddle effect nd modified the colors using other effects and filters. I quite like the final visualizer effect; it seems like the graphics are producing the music rather than simply responding to it. The title text was also also animated in After Effects using one of the text animation presets.
  • Underwater videos published under CC0 (“no rights reserved”) licenses.
  • A background texture by myfreetextures ( published under a CC Attribution license.

Student Music: Original Songs and Covers

This song is also part of a series of music recordings I have done with students at the school where I teach: Student Music: Original Songs and Covers

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One thought on “Free Background Music 38: Somewhere Deep in the Sea

  1. […] This is a beautiful and gentle piano instrumental by Jessica Yip. Jessica had just finished her Form 6 (Grade 12) studies when she recorded this song. To download the song and/or learn more about the video production, you can visit this page: Free Background Music 38: Somewhere Deep in the Sea […]

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