Video: Live Music at Freespace Happening

Here is the video I shot at the Freespace Happening event at the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong. This will be part of a new series of short random videos and articles. Most of my video work has been on my free background music series, but I have also started shooting video more frequently while travelling or going out on the weekend.

Last Sunday, I visited Freespace Happening, a free event held once a month (on the second Sunday of the month) from autumn to spring. This was the first event of the new season and was a relaxing way to spend a Sunday. If you are ever in town, you should check it out. For this video, I focused mainly on recording some of the live music. The artists featured in this video are

  1. Emmy the Great: She grew up in Hong Kong, established a music career in England and has recently returned to the territory, This was her first performance since returning to Hong Kong. (
  2. Mocking Bullet: They are a local rock band. In Hong Kong, pop singers reign supreme, but there is also a well-established indie rock scene.  (
  3. Eugene Pao X Ted Lo: Eugene Pao (guitar) and Ted Lo (piano) are legends of the local jazz scene. Besides having their own group, they have performed with many of the world’s more renowned jazz musicians. (
  4. Gonne Choi (최고은): She is a South Korean singer-songwriter and was the headliner for this event. (

To try to avoid copyright problems with the video, I have only included short excerpts of their songs, but do check out the artists to listen to more of their work.

I missed a couples of bands (sorry about that). In a future video, I will record more of the other things going on at the event. This month, other things going on included things like a handicrafts  market, dance workshop and solar-powered DJ booth. You can visit the Freespace Happening website here:

Photos and video by longzijun:  I shot everything with a Fuji X100T and also recorded the audio with a Roland R-05 (most of the audio in the video is a mix of the audio from the camera and audio recorder). I like the Fuji camera as it is small and has nice color tones. However, it is not a great camera for recording outdoor concerts as it is a fixed-lens camera (i.e., you cannot zoom in or out).

~by longzijun


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