Free Background Music 11: Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor is the 11th song in the Free Background series. This is minimalist. loop-based song with orchestral instrumentation (e.g., piano, cello, acoustic bass, harp, flute, French horn. clarinet, drums). There are two versions. The second version, which is shorter and which is without drums, is shown below.

Tempo: 80 bpm
Duration (Main Version): 5:12
Duration (Version without Drums): 3:48

Safe Harbor – Drumless Version

Terms of Use

As with the other songs in the Background Music series, this instrumental work can be used for free in non-commercial projects and in YouTube monetized videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature) as long as credit is provided (‘music by longzijun’). For more information about the terms and conditions for using the music, you can refer to the detailed Terms of Use.

Music Download Links

Full version

Drumless Version

Disputing Content ID Matches

When used in YouTube videos, this song sometimes gets false Content ID claims because the piano loops have been used in other songs. If you get a copyright claim, it is a false match and should be disputed. You can refer to this page for instructions: Disputing Copyright Claims on My Songs.

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7 thoughts on “Free Background Music 11: Safe Harbor

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    In that study, over 85% of the people surveyed expressed approval for the government.

    It is also backed up by these reports:

    York University researchers also found similar results:

    If the vast majority of Chinese people are satisfied with their government, it seems presumptuous (and yes, ‘colonial’) to insist that they are suffering.

  2. People don’t answer the way that you expect, so you say they are lying.
    Researchers don’t report things that correspond to your view of the world, so you say they are devoid of intellectual integrity.
    I cite research that doesn’t correspond to your world view, so you say that is name dropping.

    That is the colonial mindset in a nutshell.

    “I may have a radio”
    Contrary to what you believe, just about everyone in China has a cellphone and access to whatever parts of the Internet they want to access (they use VPNs for blocked sites). Smartphones are essential for daily life.

    If you don’t like academic research, here is a Japanese documentarian visiting a rural village in the mountains. Are all those people in the video lying just to satisfy the director (even the one who tells him that ‘Japanese are bad’)?

    Your view of China is stuck in the 1960s.

    • Let’s keep things simple, and polite. Utopia does not exist – not even in the country of my birth, which happens to be the UK. My view of the world is an educated, well-informed, one. And, an honest one. Fifty’ish years of adult life has taught me the difference between right and wrong. How horribly sad, and ironic it was to hear Chinese demonstrators in Hong Kong singing ‘God Save Our Gracious Queen’. ‘Let Reason Prevail Over Force’. I am very well informed about current affairs – in the year 2021.

        • My father taught Mandarin – and my numerous Chinese friends would laugh loudly at your comments. Your photographs are beautiful. None of us is perfect.

        • “My father taught Mandarin”
          Good for him.

          “and my numerous Chinese friends”
          Well, show them the comments then and let them all have a good laugh.


        • Better for my father’s students. Laughter is the best medicine. I’ve just been reading an article about the lovely camera ‘Leica M10-R’. But, my ‘Sony’ works just fine. Stay safe, and free. Cheers.

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