Friendship (Asian Voices)

These poems and stories about friendship were originally posted on the AsianVoices Website (1997-2004), a site I created that featured poetry and fiction by young Asian writers. This is an archival version of the site.

Differences (4 October 1996)

In gratefulness I say to thee, for rendering in me new eyes to see.
for Siti, for my friends.

flowing in the same

in looks, but of a unified

A union
of strengths,
minds, souls, hearts –

Like a stream,
flowing colours,
in all directions
despite all differences.

~ Mohammad Said Bin Rahim

To a dear friend

With no lies, with no hides,
was our legend in the past.
Without a word, just with a smile,
our inner wires connected.

Joys we shared, sorrows we shouldered.
As if our lives bounced together.
Life ahead we rehearsed,
A role for each we reserved.

With no trace, with no trend,
Our tragedy came.
With no calls, with no talks,
We were separated at all!

Cold war has came,
At all costs should be paused.
Attentions I tried to draw,
But why did you withdraw?

With no blame, with no flame,
Our relations get plain.
With no touch, with no trust,
What’s going on with us?

An end is it or a test is it?
Surely a pity this is!
If we are spilt and in times that I’m in need,
Would you give me a helping hand indeed?

~ Jess Yim

Ode to an Angel

My lovely Andromeda,
Sweet angel of the Star
Shining upon me with serene soft smile
Illuminating my soul with crystal clairvoyance
Whispering into my heart
Immortal melodies of wisdom and love
Streamed from her cherry-scented lips
And echoed by her tintinnabulating glass harp
With eyes that decipher my heart
And words that soothe my wound
A light touch of her magic finger
Sends me dancing in the wind like dandelions
And floating on my dreams I feel
The warmth and golden breeze encircling me
Brought about by her scintillating mind
And an eternally beautiful heart.

~ Stacy Ng

Lucy Diamond

Lift me up high, oh
Rock’n Roll Queen
Ring in my ears your
Silver-bell laughter,
Your frenzy electric guitar,
And shattering metallic spells
Give me a quick shot of
Your ethereal one kiss-
Won’t you take me home tonight,
Superstar lover?
Drugstore cowgirl,
Spinning me giddy, giddy, giddy.
I open my eyes and you’re gone- but
Haven’t we known each other forever,
Journeyed through a dark decade into the next,
And speeding into eternity with no return?
Those were the days gone wild,
In memory of our glistering youth:
“Lucy in the sky with diamonds”.

~ Stacy Ng

Cookies ‘n Cream

I’ve been indulging myself

I wonder how you’re doing
So far away from me
I wonder if you think of me sometimes
The same way I think of you

Every time I pick up my pen
Wanting to write you something special
I end up eating your favorite ice-cream
As if you were here with me

The cafe that we used to hang around in
Has turned into a bookstore
It has the books that you enjoy reading
And the music that you like

I sometimes wonder
If you’re still the way you were
But then, even if I know
I still won’t know if I was ever on your mind

So many times I’ve picked up my pen
Wanting to write you how I feel
And end up eating your favorite ice-cream
As if you were here with me

~ Sannie Tang

Saying Goodbye

Standing in front of each other
One tall one short
I looked up at your green grey long lashed eyes
You looked at my brown and still brown small slanty eyes
You gave me a big hug
I could barely touch your cheek with the immense height difference
Knowing any type of kiss would be inappropriate
I said goodbye
With a million take care
All the important things are left unsaid

~ Joanna Sio (Hong Kong)

When I think of friendship (Sense Poem)

When I think of friendship,
I see the photo in my wallet.

When I think of friendship,
I hear cheers and laughter.

When I think of friendship
I taste the cookies we baked.

When I think of friendship,
I smell the grassland we are lying upon.

When I think of friendship,
I feel the warmth of her hand.

~ by Clara Cheunk Hiu-tung

AsianVoices Archives: These poems were originally posted on the now-defunct AsianVoices website (1997-2004), which featured poetry and fiction by young Asian writers. Copyright belongs to the original authors. If you are the writer and would like to remove, add or edit this work, please contact me at and I will promptly carry out your request.

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