Haiku (Asian Voices)

These haiku were originally posted on the AsianVoices Website (1997-2004). This page is part of an archival version of the site.

Part 1. New Haiku

These poems do not appear in other sections of the site.  


All is quiet save
my footsteps. A candle lights
my path. Moon, my heart.

~ Elena Atkinson

The Locker

Oh, the great slam shut
The fearful beasts devouring
my heaven and earth

~ Nora Chung

Modern Life

Black dust is dancing
Killing cars crash together
with nobody there

~ Kama Tsoi

On the Way Home

Sitting on the bus
I am waiting for no one
to sit beside me

~ Chor Yiu-ching

On the Way to Nan Shan Chun

Wine-dark berries dropped
Steps paint the crowded pavement
into greasy night soil

~ Chor Yiu-ching


ICQ installed
Simply click on icons with
humanware plugins

~ Chor Yiu-ching


As the air-con drips
sweat sleeping on my body
kisses me goodbye

~ Peggy On


Cold wind blowing
He put on a thick jacket
and chafed his hands

~ Clara Cheuk


The pouring raindrops
falling from the sky all around
are tears on my face

~ Polly Lam


One dazzling star falls
Thousands of wishes rising
in the silent sky

~ Kevin Ling


Under the quick knife
The living hen is bleeding
on the chopping block

~ Mak Ho-yin


The pouring raindrops
falling from the sky above
are tears on my face

~ Lam Heung-ling

Other Haiku

These haiku appear on various other pages in this site. 

The Snail I

Heavily he creeps
Onto the Golden Mountain.
The snail tastes the breeze.

~ Lesley Chow

The Snail II

The cochleate backpack
sinks on his tiny body.
Bulky weighty steps.

~ Lesley Chow

The Snail III

Pale are the feelers.
Shivering is the body.
Yet strong is the will.

~ Lesley Chow


The world dances, we
do or dream the difference
between light and dark

~ Pong Ka-ming

Kranji Fruit

Black balls in clusters,
hear His call in the jungle
tips of harvest due

~ Kucinta Setia


A firedrake brushes
past the subway of darkness
The lights of souls growl

~ Nora Chung

Mom’s Tummy

The bulging tummy
where I used to sleep is now
a dumpling of flab

~ Laura Lam

Stopped Clock

To punish my leg
for kicking my arm once an hour:
Running Forbidden

~ Laura Lam


The falling leaves have
laid out a yellow blanket
The trees are undressed

~ Ng Hiu-lui

Sunny Afternoon

A rustle of leaves
The sunlight comes through branches
and shines on my book

~ Joan Tang


Siren howls at night
rushing to the hospital
A new life is born

~ Vivian Chiang

Roasted Chestnuts

Fresh hot snacks are sold
the smell of roasted chestnuts
summons my lonely heart

~ Lee Sze-nga

Life and death (ver 1.02)

A chrysathemum
blooming, a small moth lies still
beside the flower

~ Kit Fai Chow


Lips touching my lips
Is this a kiss or a beat?
The heart you can’t seek

~ Kevin Ling

Snow and Snowmen

Snowflakes drifting down
softly onto two snowmen
wearing the same smile

~ Jess Yim Ka-mei

Upon the River

Dragonflies skimming
over the flowing river
praise their slim shadows

~ Lam Kit-ming

End of a Century

Calendar gets thin
Red rose with a long green stem
weeps off her petals

~ Kitty Chong Ngar-wei

A Letter

A love letter drops
in the compressed, rotten box
Ugly words tremble

~ Lydia Lee Ying-i

Lonely Night

Open the windows
faint sound of wavering leaves
I’m sleeping alone

~ Carol Ngan Lai-ha


Two golden leaves fall
Concentric circles merging
in the still black pool

~ longzijun

AsianVoices Archives: These poems and stories were originally posted on the now-defunct AsianVoices website (1997-2004), which featured poetry and fiction by young Asian writers. Copyright belongs to the original authors. If you are the writer and would like to remove, add or edit this work, please contact me at zijun01@gmail.com and I will promptly carry out your request.

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