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These poems and stories written by and/or for younger readers were originally posted on the AsianVoices Website (1997-2004), a site I created that featured poetry and fiction by young Asian writers. This is an archival version of the site.

Song of the Elephant


Under the canopy of the forest
Elephant, I saw you

Huge elephant, crying for survival
Grieving for your family, I know
How we will benefit from
Your death

Ivory for our precious jewelry
Leather for our clothes

In the green of the jungle
Elephant, I heard you

Deep foghorn notes,rumbling,
Quaking, At their end a tiny flash
Falling like a tear

The poem is by Akbar Ahmad, Class VKI Karachi Grammar School (Pakistan). The painting is by Mkura and is from the Tingatinga Cooperative Arts Society website (now offline). The image was used with permission and remains copyrighted by the artist.


Three Poems on the Colour Red

These poems were written as part of the Cloth Puzzle Activity organised by university students on behalf of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.


Red is a colour, a colour that no one can resist, it’s charm, it’s attraction, it’s bewitchment.
Red is associated with many different thoughts. A bloody patient is taken care of by a beautiful nurse, a bouquet of roses is to be given to a beautiful girl.
It is warm. It is gratifying.

~by Lam Chun-Keung
The HKTA Ching Chung Secondary School

Love is red
It tastes like a strawberry
It smells like a rose
It looks like a heart
It sounds like a bird’s song
It feels like a sunny day
Love is winter’s fire

~by Bonnie, Christie, Heyman and Sookie
The HKTA Yuen Yuen Institute

Since I was born, I always had a special relationship with
the color red.
My first baby clothing was red in red.
My favorite toy was a red robot,
And the cover of my first story book was red in color, too.
Then, when I became a secondary school student,
I was put into red house
red s also my lucky color;
When I wear a red jacket in a competition, I usually win.
Because of that red is my favorite color

~by Bonnie, Christie, Heyman and Sookie
The HKTA Yuen Yuen Institute


Dragons: A Lullaby


Red dragons, green dragons
Yellow dragons and blue
Mysteries shall i
Reveal to you
Strange tales to be told
By dragons of purple and gold
I shall teach you to be
Brave and bold

Blue dragons, pink dragons
Silver and green
I shall tell you of
Wondrous things unseen

Silver dragons, gold dragons
And ones rainbow coloured
While the stars twinkle by
In the night sky
These dragons in your dreams shall fly
While I sing you a lullaby

~by Amarylla St. John (Hong Kong). The blue dragon was adopted years ago from Morion’s Dark Crystal Realm. which is still online, though I’m nost sure whether dragons can still be adopted.


The Heartfelt Feeling of Xiao Qiang:
Lament of a Cockroach

Actually, you and me come
from absolutely different worlds.
I would like to be your intimate friend,
but you hate me.
We’ve lived together for years,
but I can’t come out except after you go to bed.
It seems like I am a thief,
living in a dark world.

To taste delicious food with you is my dream,
but my stomach is filled with abandoned food.
Why do you hate me so much,
and how can you treat me so cruelly?
When I say ‘Hi!’,
You say ‘Bye!’,
and give me a ‘fight!~~’.

Whenever you see me,
just like meeting an enemy.
You won’t hug me,
you either salute me
by stepping on my body,
or toast me with a drink of pesticide.

Don’t cry
or shout, ladies,
when you come across me.
I’m not a ghost, baby,
but a very lovely little thing
living in your home.
I won’t let you alone.
Wherever you go,
I will be with you.
‘Hi! Hi!’ I am coming!

~by Ng Hui-Lui (Hong Kong)



I dreamt strangely one night,
That a dragon and I were going to fight.
The way to compete nearly made me scream.
To eat as many hot-dogs with black sticky cream.

I dreamt strangely one night,
That I became a powerful knight.

I commanded all the soldiers to do one thing-
To fly up in the sky with only one wing.

I dreamt strangely one night,
My body became incredibly light.

I bounded and bounded, just like a ball,

When suddenly I bounded into a school hall.


I dreamt strangely one night,
That my friends and I were talking at night.
We used to talk about perfumes and creams,
But that night we talked about our weird, strange dreams!


~by Karen Yiu (Hong Kong)


Silk Kimono

I used to know this girl
         who didn’t know how to cry
as the fingers pointed
         and the mouth filled with laughter
pouring out
         like lemon juice from a full pitcher.

     She walked down the hall
being as careful can be
     hoping no one would make her fall
         and saying a prayer
             hoping that it could be answered.

I used to know this girl
         who didn’t know how to laugh
I used to know this girl
     and I still do right now
         she’s the one who doesn’t know how to cry
     or to laugh
         but she knows how
to write.

~by Eliza Tacogdoy (The Philippines)


God Bless You


An urge to explode
From the inside my nose

Hold it
Timing is not right

Oh God
It’s coming

It’s out
Like the opening of
A bottle of champagne
Everybody cheers

~~by Joanna Sio (Hong Kong)


Mid-Autumn Festival


Mid-Autumn is in the eighth moon’s middle,
In the sky the moon is a circle,
People admire the bright full moon,
Thinking of the Moon Lady so alone.
Family comes together,
Having dinner, warm at home.

People play with wax candles,
Water goes down and fire roars up,
Some forget the danger of the jumping flames,
Sent to hospital and crying with sorrow.
I was clever to stay at home,
Playing with a puzzle with peace and joy.

The poem is by Samuel Poon Wing-keung from S.K.H.Good Shepherd Primary School (Hong Kong).The painting of Mid-Autumn festival delicacies is by Sheng Pu and was posted on the the Chinese Folk Art website (now offline: The image was used with permission and remains copyrighted by the artist.


Free as a Bird, Free as a Kite

There was once a bird called Birdie. Everyday, she sat in her nest. Everyday, her head drooped. And everyday in the morning, we could hear this conversation in Birdie’s nest.

“Mom, can I go out and play?”

“No, you can’t, games are stupid.”


“No buts,” Mama bird roared. “My words are commands!”

With a frown, Birdie sat down. Birdie was already two years old and was old enough to go out to play. She was even old enough to have a family of her own. “Why can’t I go out to play?” she murmured.

“Because you are too old for silly birdie games! ” Mama bird replied coldly.

“But you never let me out to play, even when I was young!”

“There are kids who will throw stones at you. There are eagles who will eat you.”

‘Same old words…,’ thought Birdie.

Continue reading Free as a Bird, Free as  Kite by Clara Cheuk


My Window: A Story by Helen Lee

I love the scene outside my window: in the morning, birds are flying gaily in the sky and jumping between the tree branches; a beam of sunlight and a gentle breeze makes your whole day fresh. In the afternoon, girls play basketball happily at the far end of the playground. Their screams always make my heart jump. Night is the calmest time. All you can hear is the lullaby sung by the grasshoppers. A few bright stars blink their eyes and watch you sleep.

However, I could only enjoy these lovely scenes and share the happiness of the birds and the girls from behind the window in my room.

There was a knock at my door. Clare’s face appeared through the gap between the door and the wall.

“Hi! How do you feel today?” said Clare.

I gave her a big smile. “I’m very good. What story you want me to tell you tonight?”

Continue reading My Window: A Story by Helen Lee


AsianVoices Archives: These poems were originally posted on the now-defunct AsianVoices website (1997-2007), which featured poetry and fiction by young Asian writers. Copyright belongs to the original authors. If you are the writer and would like to remove, add or edit this work, please contact me at and I will promptly carry out your request.

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