Nature: 9 Poems about Nature (Asian Voices)

These poems about nature were originally posted on the AsianVoices Website (1997-2004). This page is part of an archival version of the site.


The falling leaves have
laid out a yellow blanket
The trees are undressed

~ Ng Hiu-lui (Hong Kong)

Upon the River

Dragonflies skimming
over the flowing river
praise their slim shadows

~ Lam Kit-ming (Hong Kong)


Two golden leaves fall
Concentric circles merging
in the still black pool

~ longzijun

The Snail

The Snail I

Heavily he creeps
Onto the Golden Mountain.
The snail tastes the breeze.

The Snail II

The cochleate backpack
sinks on his tiny body.
Bulky weighty steps.

The Snail III

Pale are the feelers.
Shivering is the body.
Yet strong is the will.

~ Lesley Chow (Hong Kong)

Life and death (ver 1.02)

A chrysathemum
blooming, a small moth lies still
beside the flower

~ Chow Kit-fai (Hong Kong)

the cobra and the mouse

its hiss
the hollow sound

through the silence
that houses my fears
slowly disappears.
still i,
with nimble feet

and fears conquered
walks with gait

right through
the cobra pulling
its double-edged tongue.

~ jose alibone a. naboya


A cloud floats in the blue.
Covering the green and yellow farms,
He spreads his arms.

Parting with Autumn
A leaf finally set free
She drives the river to where she dreamed a sea

A single wild goose flies over
It follows the skyline in its persistence.
Life is across the distance.

~ Chor Yiu-ching

The Eagle

Reborn, refresh, and rearranging his feathers
The eagle opens his wings beyond the mountains;
Flapping and flying freely in the clear blue sky,
As if ready for a challenge to conquer the universe.

With a touch of arrogance it rests on a broken bough
With its eyes fixed on the ground, searching
For the innocence that is gone completely,
Reflecting on the happiness that is stolen furtively.

Head raised up, and swiftly expand his wings
Like speed of light he flies into the clouds
Trying to break through the division
Between heaven and earth, joy and sufferance.

Flying higher and higher, the little ants smaller and smaller
So much to experience with the freedom that is granted
By nature. I watch the gigantic creature, wild and eager,
Ascending gradually into the paradise of bliss and mystery.

~ William Cheng (Hong Kong)

The Broken Stallion

There’s a harness tied around my nose
I can’t breathe… I can’t breathe anymore
There’s a lot of noise around me
Makes me shiver…makes me quiver

Humans have a distinct stink
Everywhere they go
They smell bad

They surround themselves with four walls
Create lots of garbage
Strange sounds everywhere
They hunt and torment
Play with my brethren

We are playthings to carry them
We run, jump and race
They treat us with contempt
Call us animals
They are proud of walking on two legs

By themselves they are weak
They specialise in destroying our spirit
They will not leave us alone
Unless we are cowed and tamed

They destroy our land
They change our valley
They dam our water
They kill our trees

They shoot anything that moves
They even shoot each other
Plotting, and scheming
They chatter in different tongues

They play games over pieces of paper
They call money
They put one man on our backs
Pull our nose, stab our chest
Force us to run, run against each other
Run with the wind
They call it winning and loosing

50 times I have satisfied
Their thirst for winning
One time I lost
Now they call me old
It was not my fault

My rider stopped me
He slowed me down
Its seems that If I had won
They would have lost

The breeze whispers to me
The coming of spring
The trees are echoing the call of the valley
To the land where I once lived

Far away from Humankind
I roared with the wind
The spring water was sweet
There was food plentiful
My heart was young

No one could keep pace with me
My followers were many
I had a secret valley
Where the stars twinkled in the night
There was a scared lake
The mist protected us
The hill defended us

First came a strange bird in the sky
Then came two-legged man
With his strong smell
Noise all through the day
Fire in the night

Ten times I fled from them
As they captured my comrades
They destroyed my home
They captured us
One by one
Till there was one
In the end they won

They broke my back
Tore my nose
Put a piece of metal with nails on my leg
Finally a piece of leather on my broken back

They made me run
They made me jump
They made me dance
They gave me pain

There’s nothing worse then Mankind
They take everything from you
In the end, when there’s nothing to give
They will shoot you
They have conquered everything
There is nowhere to go
There is nothing left

They have strange gods
They have carved
An image of themselves

They don’t recognize the power of the sun
They don’t believe in the sacredness of the valley
They dig everywhere
They kill for fun

As I prepared for another of their races
My trainer put a needle in my flesh
Made me weak, made me sick

I wanted to run
It’s the only thing I am good at
To run with the wind
Even with the weight in my legs
The man on my back

I can’t run
I am weak
As the humans roar
I falter, my legs tumble
As I fall, my rider jumps
My leg break as I avoid falling into him

In pain I squeal
To my ancestors
To witness this disgrace
The treachery and the torment

Now I wait for them to come and end this pain
As I lie down I can see a little girl
She has tears in her eyes
She feels my sadness
I feel her love

Why can’t mankind learn from their young?
I will go like other animals quietly
Unspoken, Unheard
Used and discarded
When we can’t be of use anymore

~ Ravi Lulla (Hong Kong)

AsianVoices Archives: These poems and stories were originally posted on the now-defunct AsianVoices website (1997-2004), which featured poetry and fiction by young Asian writers. Copyright belongs to the original authors. If you are the writer and would like to remove, add or edit this work, please contact me at and I will promptly carry out your request.

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