Disputing Content ID Matches on my Songs

My songs are not entered in YouTube’s Content ID Match system. Therefore, if you get a Content ID match notification from YouTube, you should dispute it. There might be three reasons for the match:

  • It is a false match to a similar song. Some of my songs feature pre-recorded loops from collections such as Soundpool. Occasionally other musicians will use the same loops in their songs. This can generate a false match.
  • Someone else has used the same song in his/her video or has used it in an album.

No matter what the reason is, you should dispute the match. When you are asked to clarify the nature of the dispute, select the option that states ‘I have the license or necessary permissions.” You can use the following the following template.

I have permission to use the music in this video. The music in this video is {insert song no. and title} by longzijun. As stated in the terms of use, the song is free to use for non-commercial YouTube videos (no matter whether the video is monetized or not) as long as it is credited, which I have done. The terms of use are here: https://longzijun.wordpress.com/music/free-background-music-series-terms-of-use/. The song on YouTube, contains a link to these terms in the video description. The URL of the video is {insert video link here},

For songs that are false matches, you should include the following.

The music being claimed is not the song in my video and is a false match. The claimant, therefore, does not have the right to claim anything in this video.

To find the song number of the song you have used, enter the title of the song to this site’s search bar (at the top of the column on the right). If you can’t remember the song title, you will simply have to browse through the collection until you find the song you have used.

Known Issues

Background Music 11: Safe Harbor

Someone used one of the same piano loops I did and this resulted in false matches. Any copyright claims should be disputed.  

Background Music 12: Dreams

A rapper that goes by the name  of X’es Evol’i is using (without permission) an excerpt of this song as an into to his online album ‘Bad Habit’. Any copyright claims should be disputed.  

Background Music 22: A Word Remains Unspoken

Someone use this in a video and even put a claim on my original version of the song. Any copyright claims should be disputed.  

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