Free Background Music 22: As Long as a Word Remains Unspoken

As Long as a Word Remains Unspoken (

As Long as a Word Remains Unspoken is the 22nd song in the Free Background Music series.

Tempo: 65 bpm (The tempo is actually 130 bpm, but the feeling is more like 65 bpm.)
Duration: 2:14
Style: New age. This is a very gentle piano instrumental with a slightly East-Asian feel to the melody.

Free Background Music Series

As with the other songs in the Free Background Music Series, this song may be used for free for non-commercial purposes in videos, presentations or other multimedia projects; you only need to provide a credit: music by longzijun. You can also use the music for free in monetized YouTube videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature). For more information about the terms and conditions regarding using the music (including terms for commercial use), you can refer to the Terms of Use.

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About the Video & Music

The title comes from the quote: “As long as a word remains unspoken, you are its master; once you utter it, you are its slave.” (Solomon Ibn Gabirol ben Judah, an 11th Century poet and philosopher).

The video footage was taken on the hills overlooking Sai Kung in Hong Kong. I used a digital toy camera, a Digital Harinezumi 2, to take the video and then blurred it in After Effects to create a dreamy look.

The song was played on a Korg M50 synthesizer and recorded using Sonar Home Studio.

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