Free Background Music 5: Mime This

Mime This

Mime This is the 5th song in the Free Background Music series. It is probably best known as the theme song of a popular Dota 2 gameplay channel.

Tempo: 140 bpm
Duration: 2:27
Style: Alt-rock groove (electric guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums, percussion)

Free Background Music Series

As with the other songs in the Free Background Music Series, this song may be used for free for non-commercial purposes in videos, presentations or other multimedia projects; you only need to provide a credit: music by longzijun. You can also use the music for free in monetized YouTube videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature). For more information about the terms and conditions regarding using the music (including terms for commercial use), you can refer to the Terms of Use.

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If you are having downloading problems, please refer to this page for possible solutions: Downloading Problems (Free Background Music Series).

About the Video

The music was originally created for a video of students learning some basic mime routines (hence the name of the song). You can find out more about that activity on this page: Mime Workshop Ideas.

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