Free Background Music Series: Terms of Use

Update: These terms of use have been updated on 14 October 2015. The main change is that the background music is now free to use in YouTube videos that are monetized (but otherwise non-commercial). If you published your work between 16 March 2011 and 13 October 2015, you many switch to the new terms of use. It is your choice. If you have been following the old terms of use and have been donating money to charity as per those terms of use, you will NOT be reimbursed for any payments made.

My songs are not entered in YouTube’s Content ID Match system. If you get a Content ID match notification from YouTube, you should dispute it. The instructions are here: Disputing Content ID Matches. Unfortunately, I have no control over people who may use my music to make fake or fraudulent claims.

1. Updated Terms of Use

As the Free Background Music series has been becoming more popular, there have been more requests being made for using the music for non-commercial purposes. Therefore, I have drawn up the following conditions for use. There are some restrictions for all categories of users, namely

  • Credit must be given: For songs by longzijun, simply provide the credit “music by longzijun”. For songs by other composers, producers and performers, follow the crediting information in the table in Section 2.
  • The music may not be used in works which are pornographic (or which promote pornography) or that deliberately promote illegal activities or incite hatred
  • You may not distribute the music in your own collection of music (A similar restriction is applied to things to clip-art. You can use a clip-art image, but may not distribute it or sell it in your own collection of clip-art)
  • To re-mix the music or use it in a mash-up and then publish your remix, you need permission and need to provide credits specifying which parts come from my music.
  • The music may be cut and you can take out a segment and loop it, but you may not alter the tempo by more than 5%.
  • You may not make copyright claims for the music on other videos containing the same song.

These terms of use may change at anytime without notice; however, changes will NOT be applied retroactively (i.e., if you have already used the music, you just need to follow the original terms of use). If the song is free when you used it to create a project, you will never need to pay for that use.

2. Credits

Credit should be given in the media product itself (e.g., in the actual video) and in the accompanying description (e.g., in the video description.

For most songs the credits should read: music by longzijun
You may also specify the song name.

For songs in the featured guest series, the following credits should be given:

Background Music 40: Tale of the Forgotten Forest KingdomMusic composed and performed by Kate Kwok (
Background Music 39: SummitMusic vomposed and produced by Gary Ames (
Background Music 38: Somewhere Deep in the SeaMusic composed and performed by Jessica Yip (
Background Music 34: I Vow to Thee My CountryPiano arrangement and performance by Kate Kwok (2015). Original composition by Gustav Holst and Sir Cecil Spring Rice (1921) (
Background Music 28: Wild IllusionMusic composeed and performed by Nikolaos Taramanidis (
Background Music 21:
Prelude in E-flat Major, Op. 23, No. 6
Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff (Date of Composition: 1901-1903).
Performed by: Tong Chi-ling (2012) (
Short Instrumental Track 26: UntitledMusic composed and performed by Jessica Yip (
Short Instrumental Track 15: The Mercury TaleMusic composed and performed by Jessica Yip (

3. Strictly Non-commercial Uses

The music in this series (and the Short Instrumental Themes series) is free to use for non-commercial purposes; simply provide a credit—music by longzijun—somewhere in your work (e.g., in the video credits, the video description, webpage, PowerPoint presentation or programme notes etc). It would also be great if you could spare a few seconds to offer your supporting any of the following ways: liking, sharing, commenting on any of my song videos or background music pages, adding song video(s) to a playlist or favorites list, adding a direct link to this page or subscribing to my YouTube channel. Every little bit helps and any such support would be very much appreciated. Non-commercial uses also includes:

3.1 Non-commercial Works Entered in Competitions with Prizes

Revised: 5 May 2013
These are now being treated the same as the non-commercial works mentioned above. Permission is given to use the music in this series (and the Short Instrumental Themes series and Backing Tracks Series) for free in the work as long as appropriate credit is provided, even for competitions in which prizes are offered.

3.2 YouTube videos that are Monetized (but otherwise non-Commercial in Nature

Revised: 14 October 2015
These are now being treated the same as the non-commercial works mentioned above. Permission is given to use the music in the Free Background Music Series (Part 1) and (Part 2) and Short Instrumental Themes Series as long as the videos themselves are non-commercial in nature.

I have no control over whether your video can be approved for monetization. That decision rests with YouTube and AdSense. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that your video will be approved for monetization, nor can I lobby YouTube on your behalf.

4. Professional Video-makers, Media Producers & App Developers

For the fifteen songs in the Short instrumental Themes series , the music can be used for free as long as attribution is provided (music by longzijun). This free use provision ONLY refers to these eight songs (which are between 12 and 60 seconds in length). For all other songs, the terms of use are as follows:

For the songs in Free Background Music Series (Background Music Songs 01 to 41) there are two additional requirements for using the song:

4.1 A donation should be made to a charity of your choice based on the revenue obtained (or your estimate of the revenue). It is suggested that for each video, 1% (the figure is up to your generosity) of your revenue earned for that video or video production fee should be donated. In many countries, users would also be able to claim the donation as a tax-deductible donation. If YouTube or other organisation is requesting proof that you have the right to use the song then you may send them the link to this page and you should indicate willingness to follow the terms.

4.2 The crediting should acknowledge the donation.
You can follow this format

music by longzijun*, used with permission, charitable donation to be made to: __ name of charity__

*For songs in the featured guest series, use the information provided in Section 2).

5. Small Businesses (i.e., local independent businesses)

There are three requirements:

5.1 The user should request and gain permission beforehand ( When requesting permission,  the user should  describe the project.  What is the business? What is the purpose of the work?   How, where and when will it be shown?  For music in the featured guest series, I will pass your request on to the composer/musician in question.

5.2 The user should make a minimum donation of 10 USD to a charity of his/her choice for each separate song used (the donation would be tax deductible in many cases).

5.3 The music should be credited according to guidelines mentioned in the in the previous section.

6. Large Businesses, Advertisers, Filmmakers

They should contact me at When making the request, they should describe the project in detail. Who is the client? what is the purpose of the work?   How, where and when will it be shown? What is the estimated budget of the project? For music in the featured guest series, I will pass your request on to the composer/musician in question.

7. Discontinued works

The following songs were removed from the free background music series on 20 May 2014.
6. IS 1*
7. IS 2*
13. Arpology 1: Frantic Sax Version*
14. Arpology 2: Ambient Synth Version*
15. Yeah! Why?*
20. Cog in your Machine*
21. Slow Descent I and Slow Descent II*
28. Who I am*

Additional Information about Creative Commons licences.

Background music compositions 1-15 were issued with the Attribution, Non-Commercial and No-Derivatives licence. The No-derivatives part of the license means that the videos may NOT be used to create a new works such as a video or computer game, without permission. The above Terms of Use, therefore, allow other people to use the music for such purposes (if the terms are met).

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135 thoughts on “Free Background Music Series: Terms of Use

  1. yo man ur musics awsome!! just wondering if i can use it for some background music in a bmx web edit I’m making??

    • Sure. I guess it is non-commercial, right? Just add a credit. (I hadn’t heard of ‘web edit’ before. It seems to apply mainly to bmx/scooter videos . .. kind of interesting how these different terms come to life)

  2. Beautiful music. Hi, i am part of a non-profit yoga/meditation organization. Can i use this music for meditation classes?

  3. You have a typo in the credit sign “music my longizijun”.I almost believe that I need to write that way. Music is excellent, thank you!

  4. Hello Longzijun, I have read the category (c) I am asking for permission, I will pay the $10 per song, you will get all the credit, and this is small business for Christian services.
    I believe I have meet all the requirements to use your song, only as background for a
    Christian Ebook, that’s all. contact me ASAP…….THANK YOU….Jrh

  5. hey,
    i just started making youtube videos and wanna use your background music no22 (As long as a word remains unspoken) as the background music.
    I will provide credits in the description and also at the end of the video.
    is that ok??

    • Sure, that is fine. The music is free to use for non-commercial purposes. If you decide to monetize (e.g., place ads on the videos) later on, just note the different terms of use)


  6. Hello, Your music is beautiful. I would like to use Dreams as background music for a video that shows how to use a piece of software. The video will be hosted on a website that sells software. Is it ok for me to use it for this please? Thanks S :)

  7. Your music is *awesome*. I will be using it in a children’s hospital by playing flute, as a volunteer, to your pieces. I know your music, along with my flute, will bring some peace and relaxation to sick children, parents and hospital staff. Bless you for your generosity!!

  8. Here is an example of a “Strictly Non-commercial Use”…

    The music is an excerpt from “Ice Cream and Watches”, edited down to 1:53 to fit the length of the video.

  9. Hi, I play the piano and the peice 11b: Safe Harbor (without drums) is beautiful and I would love to play the piano part of it, is there any chance you could give me a copy of the score of the piano part in the Safe Harbor as I’ve been looking for music for ages that displays this amount of emotion.
    Thanks Emily

  10. Could I use, “Dreams (120 bpm)” in one of my videos for YouTube? I’m TGN Partner with YouTube, which means I can put ads on the video to earn money. I was wondering how I could use the song, and not get a copy right strike on YouTube? I have these questions: 1. Should I make the video “Creative Commons”? 2. What do i put in the description? 3. How do I not get a copy right thrown at me when I’m using the song?


    • 1. You can simply follow the guidelines mentioned in Category B above (donate a small portion of the revenue earned to charity and include a credit). 2. Music by longzijun, used with permission (donation to be made to “name of charity”). 3. The song is not in the content-match system, so copyright strikes will not automatically appear. There is a small chance, however, that YouTube will not allow the video to be monetized (even a couple of my own videos have this problem).

  11. Hi longzijun, your music is awesome. I would like to ask permission to use your music as a background music for one of my assignment in the University. I will definitely put credit on the end of the slide show.

  12. Hey can I use some of your music in my youtube videos for the background. How would I make sure nothing is copyrighted.

  13. Hi Stephen,

    Did you get my e-mail giving you more info about our client and the use of the music? Replied 23rd January and sent again today.

    Best wishes

    Jackie Cox

  14. hello,

    I’d like to use one of your backgrounds in a video presenting the activity of a non-profit cultural government institution. It’s a video for children presenting the activity of the institution and we don’t charge anything for children to come and find out more about cultural heritage.

  15. Hello I am an American independent film maker. I came across your music on YouTube and would like to have permission for the tracks 21,23 & 6. The film has no budget and all actors are performing for free. The film is being shot with the intentions of playing the film festival circuit is the USA. We make films for the art and love of creating. I look outward to hearing from you soon yank you.

  16. Hello!
    Your music works are wonderful. I would like to ask your permission of applying your “Rock Funk Beast” as background music of our 1-minute product film. Though it is for our company use but I am not sure if I should categorize it as a monetized one because at this stage I have decided to showcase this film on our website and facebook etc., In suchcase, may I just add your credit at the end of the film? Besides, if I make it on youtube in the future and show it to our clients, should I inform you here again?

    I look forward to your reply. Thank you!

    • Florence, in the terms of use above, it states that when requesting permission to use the music, businesses need to first inform me of the business and related product. You need to give me this information first.

  17. My company name is Momax Technoogy (Hong Kong) Limited which sells mobile accessories such as external batteries and battery case. I would like to apply your music “Rock Funk Beast” as the backfround music for a very short film introducing our new product, “iPower 5 battery case”. You may click on the website link: to have more information of our company. (but the iPower 5 battery case has not been launched yet).

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

  18. Hi there! I was curious as to what the conditions are for using it in a documentary as part of my university assignment? You will have a credit at the end, however does a university assignment count as a non-commercial project? It will only be seen by other students and lecturers.Thanks :)

    • Yes, that is non-commercial. That is probably the main reason I’ve made the songs available for free–so that students can complete multimedia projects

  19. Dear longzijun, as you said, I need to donate to USD10 to a charity, it is okay for me. But what about the credit shown in the film? Is it only stating “Music ‘Rock Funk Beast’ by longzijun” okay?

    • The requirements for the credits are also stated. They should be more detailed than you suggested as I don’t want other businesses telling me “hey, how come you let them use your song?” The credits don’t need to big or on the screen for a long time, but they should be there.

  20. So, I should state: “Rock Funk Beast” by longzijun, used with permission, charitable donation to be made to UNICEF.
    Is it correct?

    • Can you give a link? Under review for what? Monetization? You are aware that the music is free for non-commercial use, but monetized videos are a form of commercial use, right? In any case, YouTube sometimes rejects monetization claims for no apparent reason (one of my own videos with my own music and images cannot be monetized).

  21. Hi, your music is really great. can i use one of your background music 02 Versatile? I am just start doing some video to post on youtube, but don’t know if it will be monetized. Should I need to donate it first or wait till I got monetize? Should i have the credit as music by longzijun, (used with permission; charitable donation to be made to: ___name of charity___) at the end of the video? Thanks, appreciated.

    • Hi, you don’t need to donate any money first, but (as mentioned above) YouTube trends to scrutinize videos with music quite carefully before monetizing them (especially if the music can be clearly heard), so it MIGHT help to make a donation beforehand.

      You can leave the more detailed credits to the video description (as opposed to the end credits in the video itself) as you are not sure about monetization at this stage.

  22. Thanks! since i am not monetized yet and haven’t decide which organisation to donate, can i just put the credit (music by longzijun). I will donate some money and will informed you after the donation. Please let me know if this is ok. you can take a look of the video on this share link If it is ok, I will upload to youtube. Thank you.

  23. Hi Can I use your video for a presentation proposal I am making for a prospective education project?

    • You would need to give me more information. For example, you haven’t mentioned whether the project is a commercial one. If it is, the use is OK, but you would need to follow the guidelines in Category C.

  24. Hi
    I would like to use your 02-versatile for a school video which might be posted on its own website and the school’s social platform. Do let me know which guidelines I should follow?

    Thank you!

    • Hi should provide more information.
      If you are with a normal public school, then everything is free (just provide a credit).
      If you are working for a profit-making public school or tutorial school, then it belongs to Category C
      If you are a student doing a project (e.g.,class or activity) for your school, then everything is free.

  25. First, thank you. Your work is very impressive.

    I am working on a project which I intend on posting on Kickstarter. I would like permission to use the track named “Dream”. I consider what I am doing to be non-commercial. May I have your permission?

    Thanks again.


    • Hi, I’m not sure how a kickstarter proposal could be non-commercial unless it is some kind of charitable work. Could you describe your project?

  26. Hi there Longzijun,
    So I’m a full time non paid volunteer for a christian organisation and making a video to update friends and family about the work I’ve been doing and next work I’m doing. But I’m also mentioning a website where they can donate to a current need I have. I’m putting it on youtube but it’s going to be private and only shown to people I know approx 50-60. Does this mean I’m commercial and need to pay to use your music or am I safe to write music by longzijun and thats ok. Sorry just want to be sure I’m safe as I dont have money to pay for any fines. Many thanks Ness

    • It is difficult to say as the website you mention might be anything from “support a charity I am working with” (which is non-commercial) to “donate to my kick-starter campaign” (which is commercial). What is the goal of the website?

  27. Hi! Logzijun

    I emailed you and requested permission for using #29 Ravenchanter, and felt that I met your
    requests for your category #C, but you have not returned my email or responded to my requests.
    Could you please consider my requests. I can resend my email if you somehow missed seeing it?
    Thank you,
    Love and Light

  28. May I use this on my video for college final? Sadly, I can’t put in the credits on the video, not even mine. But I can put them in the writing part of my final. Is that okay? It’s just for educational purposes and it will allow me to pass my bachelors degree.

    • Hi Renato,

      That is fine. Just add the credit in the description. (It is kind of odd your college doesn’t want things properly credited in the video itself. Usually, they will insist everything is credited.)


  29. Hi longzijun!
    Thank you so much! I really do appreciate you allowing me to use your beautiful music!

    I will give you total credit for your music with a link back to your site and I will also donate $25 to my charity as I mentioned to you in my previous email to you (for each song) used by me. What I still would like to know, is do you want me to send ‘you’ a donation for your music as well? And also not sure if you want one of my decks that I mentioned to you? If you do, please let me know, and I would be very happy for you to have a copy of my art work deck. For donating to you I would need your paypal payment email address. I think you should be rewarded for being so generous to all of us!

    Thank you again…SO MUCH, I am so excited about your amazing music!

    Love and Light and some BIG Hugs too!

  30. I am editing an historic video as a Golden Bay High School, Takaka, NZ, fundraiser. The film is made up of old film footage that I am editing together, then putting a narration over it to describe what is going on in the film. What I quite like is a little background music to fill the gaps and add a bit of colour to the narration. The DVDs are sold purely as a fundraiser for the school. I and the others involved in the making of the video do it for free. I hope that complies with your non commercial use. It is like a charity. I love your music. Better than most free background music that I have come across. If this is OK I will run your credit. Many thanks, Pete Blasdale.

  31. Hi Zijun, i already sent you an email to get your permission to have your music at the application for a museum, waiting for your reply

  32. Hi. Your music is amazing. Could I use it for the presentation which I´m doing for clients from Integration centre for foreingners of Caritas? It isn´t commercial purposes it´s just small present. It´s 12 min. presentation with theirs pics and videos. :-)

  33. hi, may I use this amazing background music of yours for a video contest? with music by: longzijun of course…thank you

  34. Hi!
    I would like to use ‘Dreams’ as a background music for a short movie.
    I’ll include you into the movie credits.
    Will send an email to you for more info.

  35. Hi! I have read many of your comments to try and verify what I am wanting to use your music for, but I need a direct response (per my department head). I am the Video Production Manager for a school district and we have a channel on a local cable station. Can I use your music as a background for graphics I create (e.g. calendar of events, intro, and closing credits)? I will definitely be giving you credit.

    Thanks in advance!

  36. May be I will publish my shortmovies in youtube website . this short movie not commercial purpose only checking my experience ..(I’m assistant dirctor)
    I want people opinions I’m using ur music tracks plz give me permission… Thanks

  37. I think it is really admirable that your terms of use include donating to a charity of choice. It is a great way of offering content and helping inspire positive change, I think more artists should follow suit. Kudos

  38. Hi. We are from a sch band in Singapore. Can we use your video in a promotional video for our concert?

  39. Hi ,i’m from Romania, may i have your permision to use a part of one of your songs(Dreams (Background Music 12) for a homemade presentation, used for entering an electronics design contest. All credits will be inserted and also non-comercial, no-monetization involved.

  40. Hi there. I’m looking to make a voice reel to launch myself into the animation business. What are the terms for using small snippets of various tracks that come from this website

  41. Hello. I am looking at creating some technical training courses on Udemy and I was wondering if I could use some of your tracks in my videos? Specifically Track 05 Instrumental.

    • Well if it is strictly non-profit you would follow the guidelines in section A. If you are offering for-profit courses or in-house corporate courses that would fall under C (small businesses) or D (large businesses).I think You need to specify kind of course-provider you are.

  42. It is just me doing the work so I think it would fit under C (small business). It would be for-profit. I’m not sure when I will be releasing the courses. I am still currently working on them. I definitely don’t have a problem donating to charity for each of the songs used. I think this is an awesome idea.

  43. I would really love to use a loop of one of the “upbeat jazz into music for videos” I will monetize the video but i make like a few cents a video…what do i do if i dont make enough to donate anywhere …thanks :)

    • That’s not a problem. First, that particular song is in the short instrumentals series, so it is free to use even for monetized videos (as long as it is credited). Second, even for the regular songs, if you are monetizing but not actually receiving money (a few dollars is more or less the same as ‘no money’), there is no need to donate.

  44. I would really like to use your 05 instrumental theme to play as the background music on a course page with rotating graphics. The page serves as a way to spark our learners interest in what can be a dry topic – infection control. We are a very small, woman-owned business (there are only 2 of us) that specialize in interactive online continuing education primarily for healthcare professionals. I’m happy to credit you on the page where your music would play. The page is only accessible after the learner registers for the course, they are not able to download the course for use off-line.

    What do you think? Thank you for your consideration.

  45. Hi there, your music is really great and I would like to use ” Free Background Music 12: Dreams” for my video to promote a nails service brand. I will definitely be giving you credit. Is that okay?

  46. Hi I would like to ask permission to us the song “Rock Funk Beast” in a video promoting my site which will show nothing but a video of a race. I just intend to include my site’s name in the intro and nothing else. I’m still on the process of making the video. Can I use for free? Of course I’ll include the credit “music (loop-based) by longzijun, used with permission”

    • Hi David, Checking out your website, I can see that it would definitely fall under commercial use as you are basically leading all readers to a cycling plan service (that requires a fee):
      Therefore, you should follow the terms of use for small business.

  47. Hello longzijun,
    I would use “As long as a word remains unspoken” for the background of personnal video, and pubish this to Facebook.
    Can I make this with your mention “Music by longzijun, used with permission” writen at the end of the video?
    (excuse my bad English !)
    Thank you

  48. Hi,
    just came across some of your beautiful music tracks. Its awesome. I am planning to make a short film which is non commercial and will be shown in film festivals.. Will surely mention it in the credits.. Needed your permission for the same.
    Thnx. Appreciated.

  49. hey :) i am making a youtube video and ur musics suit my video the best. Can i have the permission to use them in my video? I will definitely place ur link down below at my description box on my youtube video.

  50. dear sir, your music is very nice. can we use it as background to our church ministry videos for teaching children and youth? it is a non profit arabic christian ministry
    thanks in advance

  51. dear sir, your music is very nice. can we use it as background to our church ministry videos for teaching children and youth? it is a non profit arabic christian ministry we will upload it on our site as well as on youtube if thats alright with u
    thanks in advance

  52. I’m trying to list my house For Sale By Owner and do a video to post on the FISBO site…can i use your music as background for the video or is that considered commercial?

  53. Hi,

    I would like to use the music Dreams (120 bpm) for my project of training students, on online platform. I own a small training enterprise.

    I am ready to pay the fee of $ 10 for this music & also give credit.

    Please let me know how to proceed further, if it is OK.

  54. Hello,

    I love the music! You are truly talented!

    I would like to use your music as a background to an assignment for my Master of Social Work class. Could I email you the details of the assignment, for you approval? It is non-profit, is in regards to the challenges of homelessness on families within communities. There will be a public viewing of this video, put on by the university and the District health unit.

    If interested, I can discuss and send you the presentation pictures and story for your approval. I will ensure to appropriately credit your work and permission for use of your music, (the specific song I am interested in using is “Echoes & Fragments”)



    • As mentioned in this terms of use, the approval is already there for academic projects like this. If proof of permission is required, you can provide the link to this page.

  55. Hello,

    I would like to ask for permission to use one of your songs:

    Little Hero – Dramatic Background Music

    The song will be used as background music for a tutorial video (2 mins long). This tutorial video shows/explains how a supplier can upload invoices electronically through our online portal for Hospitals in the US.

    IDS is a small – mid sized company. IDS is an invoice delivery service created specifically for Hospital Accounts Payable. It employs new technology to permit a single connection between Hospitals and their suppliers, realizing savings & enabling continuous process improvement.

    Please let me know if IDS is able to use this song for a tutorial video.

    Thank You – I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  56. Hi,

    I’m creating a quotes video on youtube, all the quotes wallpaper are owned by me, can I use your music as a video background.

  57. Hi Logzijun,
    I have recently started a YouTube channel and was wanting to use your amazing Track 6: Ambient, classical, electronica in my intro video if that is ok? If the videos ever earn money I would definitely donate to charity and would certainly credit you and link to your YouTube channel. Is this ok?

    I also want to say that your music is amazing I love little hero.

  58. Longzijun .. can you plz help me .. I’m youtuber and my Adsense account is linked with YouTube and in revenue option it showing I’m earning money.
    So if I want to use your music of 4 minutes what are conditions ?? How to give proper credit ??

  59. Hi longzijun I used your music as background music in my last 2 videos on my channel ZemnodGaming. I used the free one i dont know which one it is but it was free. I gave a link to your video but forgot to give credits which I will do. Do i still have to pay for free music

  60. Ok thanks for the music. I loved it personally and gave the music for longzijun credits just in case. How did you get so big on the internet im still on 28subs like check my channel im struggling???

    • For me, that is mainly just timing. When I started my channel there were only a couple of other channels offering free music and the most popular video for that was a song that wasn’t very good at all (the guy had other much better songs, but the one that showed up in search results wasn’t one of them). Therefore, it was easy to start getting views. If I started the same channel today, it would be 10 times more difficult to get going.

  61. hi, my name is aryan can i use this background scores in my short movie and of course the credits will be displayed as music by longzijun will it be ok, please do reply me. By the way your collection is awesome.

  62. Hi Longzijun, great music! I love the music, but also how simple your site is and how clearly you explain who can use what for what purposes. I’m looking to use some music for a tutorial for a small business and donate to charity- I sent you an email, just wanted to make sure that I sent it to the correct address and you received it! Thanks!

  63. Hi Longzijun, I would like to use 14 mysterious intro as background music for an animation of a logo, what are your thoughts?

  64. So, if I make vlogging videos and Minecraft let’s play videos and time lapses, is that an example of non-commercial? Would it be ok to use the song “Dreams” in the videos on YouTube?
    I just don’t quite understand what “non-commercial” means….

  65. Hello!

    I’m currently developing a video game, planned to release sometime this year, and I would like to use “The Hidden Path”, the game will cost money, about $2, give or take, could you tell me what I’d need to do specifically in order to attain the rights to do so?

  66. Hello good day,
    I really appreciate what you are doing. I have read through your generous terms, and made a copy of what has been published. You have it appears, licensed your material for free (non-commercial) use. Could you however specifically say, if it is ok to use a small section of one of your tracks for a free Podcast project?
    I am a language trainer, and would also be happy to mention your page or overall initiative in my published descriptions, as well as make the required donation to a charity.

  67. […] As with the other songs in the Background Music series, this instrumental work can be used for free in non-commercial projects and in YouTube monetized videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature) as long as credit is provided (‘music by longzijun’). For more information about the terms and conditions for using the music, you can refer to the detailed Terms of Use. […]

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