Short Intro Themes 5 to 8

Here are tracks 5 to 8 in the series Free Short Themes for Intros. As with the other songs in this series, these four tracks may be used for free for non-commercial purposes in videos, presentations or other multimedia projects; you only need to provide credit: music by longzijun. You can also use the music for free in monetized YouTube videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature).

For more information about the terms and conditions regarding using the music (including terms for commercial use), you can refer to the Terms of Use. The download links are below each video.

Track 5. (Electronica, 0:14) 

Intro 05

The song was played in a Korg MicroX synthesizer.

Track 6. Intro Theme 6 (Electronic, 0:21)

Intro 6

There is a two second sound-effects intro, so the length of the song depends on how much of this you decide to keep. The photo in the video is of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (I took that on a day when the sky was clear and the sea was remarkably calm). The photos series is here: CUHK at Dawn.

Track 7. Soft & Hard (Electronic & rock, 0:33)

Intro 07: Soft & Hard

The first part is gentle, electronica while the second part is more like rock. The visuals were created using iClone (see: Animation Tests with iClone).

Track 8. Orchestral Sunset (Orchestral, 0:13)

Intro 08: Orchestral Sunset

The video is a time-lapse of the view from the West Kownloon Cultural District in Hong Kong. This was my first attempt at a time-lapse video, and I could have handled the change of light better. There is also a version without drums.    

Orchestral Sunset: Drumless Version

Intro 08: Orchestral Sunset Drumless Version

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