Musical Collaborations

Rehearsing with Yim, Brandon & CM (Site Access)
Rehearsing with Yim, Brandon & CM (Site Access)

Saxophone Work

I haven’t played sax for a while as I am now concentrating on producing my own compositions (mainly using keyboards). I have played with different kinds of ensembles over the years. A lot of these were for one-off gigs. 

  • Carleton University Music Department Contemporary Music Ensemble
  • Carleton University Orchestra  
  • A jazz big band (name long forgotten) in Ottawa
  • Inside Out, a pop-funk indie band in Ottawa
  • I was the composer and performer for the soundtrack of a Carleton University drama production of David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago.
  • City University of Hong Kong Choir (for Christmas concerts)
  • A blues band in Hong Kong led by Vincent Lam
  • A backing band put together to support 60s HK pop legend Joe Junior at a concert for a convention
  • Site Access a Hong Kong pop-funk band. I also played on a song the band composed for Jan Lamb’s (Lam Hoi Fung) 30’mething album: (New Romance. Yim from Site Access composed the saxophone riffs
  • Here is a brief clip of me performing with Ghost Style (aka Brandon Ho) from Site Access at a performance in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park
Performance in Victoria Part (

Student Music Projects

Recently, students at my school have shown an interest in recording cover versions or pop songs as well as their own original work. Basically, I help them out by recording the audio more cleanly and enhancing the quality of the recordings. Here is the first video in this series: Babble’s interpretation of Ai Otsuka’s Planetarium:

Cover of Planetarium (

Go to our channel on YouTube: CreativeMediaPop

The whole series is being uploaded to this page: Student Music: Originals and Covers 

~by longzijun

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