Musical Collaborations

Rehearsing with Yim, Brandon & CM (Site Access)
Rehearsing with Yim, Brandon & CM (Site Access)

Saxophone Work

Every now and then I perform on the alto saxophone. Ironically, I don’t like the instrument very much and especially dislike a lot of the playing styles associated with it (honking rock sax, woozy sexy sax or sweet-sweet KennyG sax). Nevertheless, whenever someone asks to play, I give it a try. Over the years I have played classical music, experimental music, electronica, swing, jazz, rock, soul, funk, rap, easy-listening and Christmas carols with various ensembles and bands.

View on YouTube:

In Hong Kong, I performed several times with Site Access, an indie-funk band. I was just watching a video of one of the band’s concerts and didn’t care much for my contribution (too busy, a few wrong notes, not consistently in tune). I think the more laidback playing style in the above video is more suitable for me. This video excerpt is from a performance with Supathugz (another of Brandon’ projects) at a FARM concert in Victoria Park.  I also played on a song the band composed for Jan Lamb’s (Lam Hoi Fung’s 30’mething album (New Romance). Yim composed most of the saxophone riffs.


Angels and Demons

View on YouTube:

I was recently asked by YouTuber digi hendrix (aka rapper Yardi Black: He produced the music while I did the video images (and re-mastered the music). The footage is of Happy Valley Cemetery in Hong Kong and was taken using a Digital Harinezumi 2++ camera. The footage was then processed using Adobe After Effects.


Student Music Project

Recently, students at my school have shown an interest in recording cover versions or pop songs as well as their own original work. Basically, I help them out by recording the audio more cleanly and enhancing the quality of the recordings. Here is the first video in this series: Babble’s interpretation of Ai Otsuka’s Planetarium:

Go to the student CreativeMediaPop channel on YouTube:

The whole series is being uploaded to this page:

~by longzijun


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