List of All Songs in the Free Background Music Series and Free Intro Series

These are all the songs that are currently in the free background music series and free intro series (along with links to the song download pages as well as information about each song’s style, tempo and length).

The songs can be used for free for non-commercial purposes and can also be used in YouTube monetized videos as long as credit is provided (For most songs that would be ‘music by longzijun’, but for songs by featured guest artists, you should follow the crediting information on the song’s download page. You can refer to the Terms of Use for more information.

Free Background Music Series

No.Link to Download PageStyleLength
44BixieUpbeat, jazzy, swing (trumpets, trombones, saxes, flute, drums, bass, vibraphone), 96 bpm3:05
43The Sea WithdrewSoft, melancholy, minimalist (synth piano)4:22
42Drifting Gentle but rhythmic (acoustic guitar, zither, piano, synth, percussion), 120 bpm2:00
41UnfoldedUpbeat, electronic pop, electronica (synthesizer, bass, guitar, drums), 124 bpm 3:56
40Tale of the Forgotten Forest Kingdom (by Kate Kwok) Beautiful piano instrumental, classical, new age 3:00
39Summit (by Gary Ames) Dramatic, pulsating (digital orchestral strings and percussion), 128 bpm 3:26
38Somewhere Deep in the Sea (by Jessica Yip)Beautiful piano instrumental, classical, new age 2:43
37Holly’s Theme Piano instrumental, classical, new age2:47
36Buoyant Upbeat electronic pop (synth, guitar, bass, drums), 120 bpm 4:20
35Broken Piano instrumental, melancholy, gentle, minimalist 3:17
34I Vow to Thee, My Country Classical piano, nostalgic arrangement of a famous song by Gustav Holst2:12
33Little Hero Upbeat, exciting, anime-inspired (synth, guitar, bass, orchestral instruments), 134 bm 2:58
32The Hidden Path Chill-out, rhythmic, inspired by modern African music (synth, saxophone, drums, percussion), 115 bpm 11:00 & 7:08
31Dubtitution Electronic pop, chill-out, inspired by dub music from the seventies and eighties (synth, drums, percussion, guitar, vibraphone), 95 bpm 7:15
30Echoes & Fragments Gentle, minimalist, synth piano, 70 bpm 3:00
29RavenchanterAcoustic song (guitar, flute, bass, drums), mysterious mood, 90 bpm 4:04
28SonicidenceElectronica, suitable for trailers, 120 bpm2:48
27Wild Illusion by Nikolaos TaramanidisAcoustic guitar ballad with echoes of Pink Floyd5:43
26Almost a love storyWistful, melodic ballad (synth sounds include guitar, flute, bass, strings), 110 bpm 5:00
25MemoryneGentle piano instrumental in 3/4 time , 116 bpm2:30
24Lock & LoveRomantic and melodic song with with flute, strings and acoustic guitar, bass and percussion, 86 bpm6:24
23Chillvolution Best for vlogs, laidback, pop and R&B-flavored track, 90 bpm4:45
22As Long as a Word Remains UnspokenSoft, gentle, melodic, synth piano, 65 bpm 2:14
21Prelude in E-flat Major, Op. 23, No. 6Classical piano music from the romantic period, composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff 2:57
19TransectA mix of EDM and rock, 120 bpm6:55
18Rock Funk Beast Rock with a slight touch of funk, 95 bpm3:33
17ElegySoft and gentle piano and synth ballad, 77 bpm 4:53
16SanUpbeat, electronic pop, electronica, 112 bpm3:43
15Arpology (Frantic sax version)A little chaotic (saxophone, synth & piano), 112 bpm 2:03
14Arpology (Ambient version)Ambient, electronica, peaceful (synthesizers), 71 bpm 6:10
12DreamsChillout, relaxing, electronica (synth, piano, drums), 120 bpm 10:40
11Safe HarborCalm with some rhythmic parts (piano, orchestral instruments, drums), 80 bpm5:12 & 3:50
10 Little ApeLo-fi pop, upbeat, 135 bpm3:00
9GIS Chillout, electronic pop, rhythmic (synth, bass, drums), 109 bpm 3:00
5Mime This Alt rock (guitar, bass, drums, synth), 140 bpm 2:27
4Snacks & Watches Chillout (acoustic guitar, synth, drums, percussion, orchestral instruments), 120 bpm 7:21 & 4:42
3Jazz Vamp in D MinorJazz (piano, guitar, bass, drums), 120 bpm6:30 and 1:42
2Versatile Upbeat & lively with funk, jazz, pop & reggae influences (electric guitar, horn section, synthesizer, drums & percussion), 120 bpm 3:28
1 SFX Chill Quite calm but with a beat (piano, flute, English horn, Asian fiddle, drums and percussion). 100 bpm 2:20

Short Intros

These short instrumentals are between 6 and 62 seconds in length. They are suitable for use in things like intros, end credits, short animation, trailers and short scenes.

26Untitled by Jessica Yip Piano instrumental 62 seconds
25Sonicide Electronic28-30 seconds
24Intro 24Electronic 16-17 seconds
23Intro 23Ambient18-19 seconds
22Intro 22Techno8-9 seconds
21Intro 21Electronic 8 seconds
20Intro 20Aggressive, piano, guitar, drums 12-13 seconds
19Intro 19Electronic 7-7.5 seconds
18Intro 18Gentle, melodic9-10 seconds
17Intro 17Electronic 32-24 seconds
Preview & download intros 17-24
16Holly’s Theme Reprise Orchestral & electronic 60 seconds
15The Mercury Tale by Jessica YipPiano instrumental
14Intro 14Mysterious13 seconds
13Intro 13Dramatic (voice & orchestra)17 seconds
12Equinox Acoustic, jazz influences31 seconds
10Upbeat Jazz Intro (8 versions) Trad Jazz18 seconds
9Dreamy Loop (can be looped) Acoustic, ambient6 seconds or more
8Orchestral SunsetOrchestral, dramatic13 seconds
7Soft & hard Electronic & rock33 seconds
6Intro 06Orchestral & electronic19-21 seconds
5Intro 05Electronic, chillout14 seconds
4Love & TimePiano, new age24 seconds
3Just be Reggae40 seconds
2Happy VirusEDM36 seconds
1Intro 01Chillout, electronica 12 seconds

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