Your Videos My Songs Part 1: YouTube Videos

This page features selected videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites that make use of songs from my free background music series. The song in this series can be used by people for free for non-commercial purposes (as well as for monetized videos) as long as credit is given. You can check out the terms of use for more detail.

You can browse the videos by type of video. My songs are often used in gaming let’s play videos, but I haven’t added these here yet. If you would like to add your video to this list please let me know.

Animals, Pets & Nature

Art, Design, Animation, Film & Photography

Beauty & Fashion

Computers, Software & Electronic Gadgets

  • Computers (hardware) and Electronic Gadgets: YouTube Playlist
  • Software Tutorials (Photoshop)

Community, Charity & the Environment


Food and Cooking

Sports, Health & Fitness

  • Health, Health Care and Health Education: YouTube Playlist
  • Fitness and Sports (wall climbing flowfit workout, shindo stretching exercises, rhythmic gymnastics, clubbell workout): YouTube Playlist
  • Extreme Sports and Outdoor Activities (paragliding, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, diving, motocross, boating, cycling, hiking, etc.) YouTube Playlist



Short films & Documentaries

Travel & Culture


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