Taking photos is an interest that I neglected for quite a few years. These days, I am trying to find some more time for it. I don’t have much in the way of equipment and I alternate between working with Japanese digital toy cameras (Digital Harinezumi 2++, the exemode sq28m Pocket Digital Camera and the Yashica EZ Digital F521) and learning more about how to use a DSLR (at the moment I have a Canon EOS450D) and a Sony NEX-07. At the moment, I mainly take photos of cityscapes, street scenes, landscapes and still life. You can view my ohoto collections online at Flickr & Google+

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Artjouer: My New Art Blog




artjouer is a photoblog of contemporary art and architecture. Do drop by to take a look

Featured Series

These are the collections that are featured on this blog.

The Student Pro-democracy Protests in Hong Kong

The Student Pro-democracy Protests in Hong Kong

Xiqiao Mountain Film Studio

Xiqiao Mountain Film Studio & Props Factory

Hong Kong Street Art

Hong Kong Street Art & Graffiti

Seoul Street Art - Around Hongdae (220 images)

Seoul Street Art – Around Hongdae (2o0 images)

Abandoned Things

Still Life: Abandoned Things

Lake Okanagan Landscapes

Lake Okanagan Landscapes

Pretty CUHK

Pretty CUHK

Happy Valley Cemetery


I often use my photos as background images in my music videos. For example, these teddy bear photos were used the video for the song Almost a Love Story.


Photography Related Articles

The Digital Harinezumi 2+

The Digital Harinezumi 2+

I occasionally post articles related to photography, in particular the use of lo-fi digital cameras like the digital harinezumi & exemode sq28m (these are kind of like digital lomography cameras that are also capable of shooting video)

4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Great Work! AwsomE. I love, photography, music and writing. Just came across this website to find some mp3 background music. Really liked your stuff. Keep up. :)

  2. Thanks for commenting. Your site has lovely pics as well. Perhaps I will begin shooting people more frequently. As I am a beginner, it is better to start with objects and landscapes as they won’t get impatient with me as I try to choose the best framing, settings, etc.

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