Taking photos is an interest that I neglected for a long time. These days, I am trying to find some more time for it. I alternate between using a Fuji X100T and a Sony NEX-7. At the moment, I mainly take photos of street scenes, street art, landscapes, music performances and cats. For something a little deeper, you can view the Between City and Countryside series (in which I explore the border areas between urban and natural environments).

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Travel Photo Albums: Asia

Children running around Sanmon gate at Nanzen-ji
Kyoto (394 images)
Article & 9 photo galleries
Article, gallery & video
Tokyo, Japan
Article, gallery & 3 videos
Seoul, South Korea
Article, 5 galleries & video
A film studio and props factory in Foshan, China
Article & gallery
1996 visit to Xiahe (Gansu, China)
Article & gallery
Visiting Beijing (1995-1997)
Article & gallery

Travel Photo Albums: Europe

Venice, Burano & Murano
Article and 4 galleries
Article & gallery
Stopover in London
Article & gallery

Travel Photo Albums: Canada

Okanagan Lake: Kelowna & Penticton
Article & 3 galleries
Article and 4 galleries

Street Art Photos

I like walking around and taking photos of street art. Here are articles and galleries of my photos showcasing street art in other cities. Most of the articles are on my artjouer site.

Street Art in Hong Kong
Article & 10 galleries
Street Art in Shoreditch, London
Article & gallery
Street Art in Ottawa & Gatineau
Article & gallery
Street Art in Vancouver
Article & gallery
Street Art in Taipei
Article, video & gallery
Street Art in Seoul
Article, video & gallery

Still Life Series

Between City and Countryside
Between City and Countryside (Article and several galleries)
Abandoned Things
Still Life: Teddy Bear Photo Shoot (Article and gallery)

Sky Diary Series

This series is all about the sky: cloud formations, sunrises, sunsets and storms.

Part 1: Wu Kai Sha
Part 1: Wu Kai Sha
Part 2: CUHK
Part 2: CUHK

Other Series

Cat Photos
Just Cats
Dance Photos
Dance Performance Photos
Music Photos
Music Performance Photos
2014 Protests in Hong Kong
Protests in Hong Kong (2014)
Happy Valley Cemetery in Hong Kong

School Photos

Photography Philosophy

Generally, I go for a sense of realism in the photos, and rather than just select the best angle and compositions, I would rather present the viewer with a few different perspectives of the same subject.

When editing photos, I will normally adjust basic things like levels, contrast, exposure and white balance in order to get a result that is sharp but looks more or less like what things looked like in real life. I will avoid ‘artificial’ effects added like lens flares, added bokeh or extreme color grading.

Though I go for realism, I find my photo-taking tends to present a very subjective view of each city. For example, my version of Kyoto looks very spiritual, tranquil and in tune with tradition, like something out of a Miyazaki movie. My version of the often-rain-drenched city of Vancouver, in contrast, is all sunshine, blue skies and beaches.

Photo Albums Online

I am in the process of reorganizing my images online, using different accounts for different types of photos. It will take sometime to get everything organized, so I am now moving the photos that were in specialized accounts into my main account.

Main account
Main Flickr account:

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4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Great Work! AwsomE. I love, photography, music and writing. Just came across this website to find some mp3 background music. Really liked your stuff. Keep up. :)

    • Thanks for commenting. Your site has lovely pics as well. Perhaps I will begin shooting people more frequently. As I am a beginner, it is better to start with objects and landscapes as they won’t get impatient with me as I try to choose the best framing, settings, etc.

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