Taking photos is an interest that I neglected for quite a few years. These days, I am trying to find some more time for it. I alternate between using a Fuji X100T and a Sony NEX-7. At the moment, I mainly take photos of cityscapes, street scenes, street art and landscapes.

Travel Photo Albums: Asia

I find my photo-taking tends to present a very subjective view of each city. For example, my version of Kyoto looks very spiritual, tranquil and in tune with tradition, like something out of a Miyazaki movie. My version of the rain-drenched city of Vancouver, in contrast, is all sunshine, blue skies and beaches.

Children running around Sanmon gate at Nanzen-ji
Kyoto (394 images)
Article & 9 photo galleries
Article, gallery & video
Seoul, South Korea
Article, 5 galleries & video
A film studio and props factory in Foshan, China
Article & gallery

Travel Photo Albums: Europe

Venice, Burano & Murano
Article and 4 galleries
Article & gallery
Street Art in Shoreditch, London
Article & gallery

Travel Photo Albums: Canada

Okanagan Lake: Kelowna & Penticton
Article & 3 galleries
Article and 4 galleries

Still Life Series

Between City and  Countryside
Between City and Countryside (Article and several galleries)
Abandoned Things
Still Life: Teddy Bear Photo Shoot (Article and gallery)

Other Series

These are the collections that are featured on this blog.

The Student Pro-democracy Protests in Hong Kong
The Student Pro-democracy Protests in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Street Art
Street Art & Graffiti around Hong Kong
Pretty CUHK
Pretty CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Happy Valley Cemetery in Hong Kong

Photo Albums Online

I am in the process of reorganizing my images online, using different accounts for different types of photos. It will take sometime to get everything organized; however if you are interested in any of the following kinds of photos, you can consider visiting the related account. Recently Flickr introduced a storage limit, so I am now moving the photos that were in specialized accounts into my main account.

Main account
Main Flickr account:

Old specialized accounts
Travel, street photography & portraits:
Contemporary art:

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4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Great Work! AwsomE. I love, photography, music and writing. Just came across this website to find some mp3 background music. Really liked your stuff. Keep up. :)

    • Thanks for commenting. Your site has lovely pics as well. Perhaps I will begin shooting people more frequently. As I am a beginner, it is better to start with objects and landscapes as they won’t get impatient with me as I try to choose the best framing, settings, etc.

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