Taking photos is an interest that I neglected for quite a few years. These days, I am trying to find some more time for it. I alternate between using a Fuji X100T and a Sony NEX-7. At the moment, I mainly take photos of cityscapes, street scenes, street art and landscapes. In general, when I am taking a photo, I am aiming for a very realistic but visually appealing depiction of whatever or whoever is in front of the camera. Despite this attention paid to realism, the photos are still very subjective. For example, the photos of Kyoto certainly look like Kyoto, but they tend to emphasize the spiritual, traditional and nature-loving sides of the city.

Travel Photo Albums: Asia

Children running around Sanmon gate at Nanzen-ji
Kyoto (394 images)
Article and photo albums
Hokkaido (140 images)
Article, album and video
Seoul, South Korea (149 images)
Article, albums and videos
Visit to a film studio and props factory in Foshan, China (Article & gallery).

Travel Photo Albums: Europe

Florence (108 images): Views from the Florence Cathedral and the Piazzale Michelangelo
Venice: Burano, Murano, Torcello (28 images)
Three Venetian islands.
Venice: Santi Giovanni e Paolo (46 images): A 14th century Venetian church.
Street Art in Shoreditch, London (Article & gallery: 54 images)

Travel Photo Albums: Canada

Okanagan Lake: Kelowna & Penticton (Article and three galleries: 235 images)

Featured Series

These are the collections that are featured on this blog.

The Student Pro-democracy Protests in Hong Kong
The Student Pro-democracy Protests in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Street Art
Street Art & Graffiti around Hong Kong
Abandoned Things
Still Life: Abandoned Things Photo Series
Pretty CUHK
Pretty CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Happy Valley Cemetery in Hong Kong

Photo albums online

I am in the process of reorganizing my images online, using different accounts for different types of photos. It will take sometime to get everything organized; however if you are interested in any of the following kinds of photos, you can consider visiting the related account. Recently Flickr introduced a storage limit, so I am now moving the photos that were in specialized accounts into my main account.

Main account
Main Flickr account:

Old specialized accounts
Travel, street photography & portraits:
Contemporary art:

4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Great Work! AwsomE. I love, photography, music and writing. Just came across this website to find some mp3 background music. Really liked your stuff. Keep up. :)

    • Thanks for commenting. Your site has lovely pics as well. Perhaps I will begin shooting people more frequently. As I am a beginner, it is better to start with objects and landscapes as they won’t get impatient with me as I try to choose the best framing, settings, etc.

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