Cat Photos

These are photos I have taken of…cats.

Kyoto Cats

These three cats were sheltering from the cold outside a temple in Kyoto (Kyoto trip photo albums). I like this photo the best because of their matching expressions and because of the way their colorings match the wood.

Temple Cats, Kyoto
Temple Cat, Kyoto

I saw this pair of cats in Venice (Venice photo album). No, they are not in a cage; that is just grating over a window.

Venetian Cats

Venetian cats
Venetian cats

The Libreria Acqua Alta bookshop is known for its cute cats.

A cat in the Libreria Acqua Alta bookshop, Venice
Bookshop cat, Venice

Tokyo Cats

These photos were taken at the Nekobukuro Cat Playground in the Tokyu Hands department store in Ikebukuro (video and photo gallery). It is something like at cat café but without the café.

At the Nekobukuro Cat Playground at Tokyu Hands
When the cats tire of humans they can retreat to perches that are out of reach.
Wary cat
Slightly grumpy cat
At the Nekobukuro Cat Playground at Tokyu Hands

Hong Kong Cats

I live in Hong Kong and their are quite a few cats around. Some are strays, but most are from village houses. The cats can wander freely around the villages and surrounding forests and do what cats do.

Cat in Tai Wai
Well-camouflaged cat in Tai Wai
Cats in Wu Kai Sha
Cats in Wu Kai Sha
Two cats in Wu Kai Sha
Sleeping white cat in Wu Kai Sha
Puss and boots. Orange tabby cat sunbathing in Wu Kai Sha
Alert orange tabby cat in Wu Kai Sha spots its prey.
In hunting mode
Better luck next time
Another orange tabby cat in the same village. A sibling?
Marmalade cat on the prowl
Cat in Central
Urban cat
Stray cat near Wu Kai Sha
Stray cat near Wi Kai Sha

My Sister’s Cats (Canadian Cats)

Here are Callisto and Molly

Callisto keeping the cable TV box warm
Molly (my sister’s cat)
Fluffy body
Fluffy body
Fluffy paws


Most of the photos were taken with a Sony Nex-7

Photo Galleries

To the view the photos at a higher resolution (2048 x 1365) go to:

  • Just Cats (Flickr album)
  • Just Cats (Google Photos). The sharing function for this album seems to be broken.

~ photos and text by longzijun


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