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This pages features photos I have taken of musicians performing at gigs and in the street.

Underground Hong Kong Electronica 3

This indie music concert, which was held by The Underground HK (Organizer’s website) in 2018, featured indie pop duo Fabel, DJ Janette Slack and electro-pop artist Yeung Tung and Junk! (aka Glen Lloyd)

Janette Slack at the Underground HK Electronica 3 (Janette Slack on Instagram).
Janette Slack at the Underground HK Electronica 3
Electronica Duo Fabel at the Underground HK (Fabel’s YouTube Channel). Fabel has a dreamy pop sound with a slight edge to it.
Jimmy (馮慶聰) from Fabel at the Underground HK (Electronica 3)
Jimmy (馮慶聰) from Fabel at the Underground HK (Electronica 3)
Lolo (盧祝君) from Fabel at the Underground HK Electronica 3
Yeung Tung (楊彤) at Underground HK Electronica 3 (Yeung Tung’s YouTube channel).
One-man band JUNK! at the Underground HK Electronica 3 (JUNK!’s YouTube Channel)

Freespace Happening

Freespace Happening weree monthly festivals held from Autumn to Spring in the West Kowloon Cultural District (Organizer’s website. They typically include music performances, dance and arts-and-crafts stalls.

Noa Drezner Flamenco Quartet @ Freespace Jazz Fest (November 2019)
The Noah Drezener is an Israeli flamenco guitarist (Artist’s website). Here she is shown performing at with a quartet at the Freespace Jazz Fest in 2019
Tomii Chan and his blues band at Freespace Jazz Fest (Artist’s YouTube channel). Here is playing blues, but he also composes lovely acoustic pop songs.
Emmy the Great at Freespace Happening (14 Oct. 2018). Emmy the Great is a Britain-based singer-songwriter who was born and who grew up in Hong Kong (Artist’s website).
Gonne Choi at Freespace Happening (14 Oct. 2018). Gonne Choi Is a Korean singer-songwriter whose acoustic songs have an ethereal quality (Artist’s YouTube channel).

Here are two videos I took of the music performances:

Rie Fu at the Fringe Club

Rie Fu is a Japanese singer-songwriter who re-located to Singapore and then to England. She is best known for the song Life is LIke a Boat which was used as an end theme in the hit anime Bleach (Rie Fu’s website). These two photos were was taken at a performance at the Fringe Club in 2015.

Rie Fu in concert at the Fringe Club (Hong Kong, 2015)
Rie Fu in concert at the Fringe Club (Hong Kong, June 5 2015)

MOLE HiLL at the Loft in Osaka

Here is J-Rock band MOLE HiLL from Kyoto performing at a promotion gig outside the Loft department stories in Osaka in 2016. I thought they were a new up-and-coming band, but they are veterans, having formed in 2002 (Band’s YouTube Channel)

J-rock band Mole Hill performing at a promotional gig outside The Loft in Osaka
Drummer: 440
新大作 and にっぽ

Hong Kong Indie Music 2003-2004

Here are some of the artists in the indie music scene in Hong Kong in the early 2000s. I played a few gigs with a band called Site Access. Hong Kong’s indie music scene has always been vibrant but not very popular. At any given time, there are probably just under a hundred active bands, but at concerts and bandshows, the audience was mainly the other bands and their friends. The following concerts were organized by my English for Professional Communication Final Year Project students as part of a series of promotional campaigns for the Warehouse Teenage Club ( and Wholala ( a group promoting public music performances).

RedNoon, a rock quartet, performing at a bar in Tommy’s 48th Street Chicago Blues Bar. The band was active for about a decade.
Schoolgirl singer-songwriter Ah-y. She was an impressive talent, but disappeared from the music scene a couple of years after this performance.
Hard Candy, a punk trio (Bandcamp page), performing at Victoria Park
Superday, a pop-punk band, performing at Victoria Park (Superday’s YouTube Channel)
Indie rock band Monogel performing at Victoria Park. This band feature Kevin Law (of the Pullover) on lead vocals and CM Groovy (of Site Access) on bass.
A-Day, classic Canto-rock band, performing at City University of Hong Kong.
Oliver, an alt-rock band, performing at City University of Hong Kong


These photos I took while travelling.

Street music performance by Reika Torizi and Takuo Sano. Together the duet is known as ‘十一’ or ‘Juuichi’ (literally meaning ‘eleven’). Takuo Sano is playing an instrument known as a Chapman stick, which is a combination of (bass on the side closest to the body) and guitar (on the side furthest from the body). (Artist’s YouTube channel and website). The music combines elements of jazz and traditional music.
Buskers, Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London
Vancouver: Public performance organized by the CBC
Busker on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, 2014)
Vancouver Art Gallery
Violinist at Piazza Della Signoria (Florence, Italy). The buskers in Florence were phenomenally talented.

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