Photos of Okanagan Lake (Around Penticton and Kelowna)

These photos of Lake Okanagan were taken during trips to Kelowna and Penticton British Columbia.
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In this photographs in the gallery above, I was exploring the way light interacts with the landscape and sky. During the summer, the weather during the day is sunny almost all the time, but occasionally a storm will blow through, and some of the photos featured here are storm clouds at sunset.

The Okanagan in a valley nestled in the middle of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia; it is known for its mild climate and agriculture, especially its vineyards and orchards. It has a remarkably dry climate and is considered the northernmost part of the Sonoran desert. In summer the light during the day is harsh, so most of the photos in this series were taken around sunset or just after sunrise. The photos were taken with a Sony Nex-7.

Album One: Kelowna

Flickr Gallery (96 photos):
This album features views of the city, lake, surrounding hills as well as a few photos an airshow by the Snowbirds.

Kelowna: near Paul’s Tomb
Kelowna Marina
Kelowna: Lumber Mill

Album Two: Penticton: Views from the KVR

Flickr Gallery (89 images):
The photos in this album were taken on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR) near Penticton. The KVR is part of the Trans Canada trail and offers great views of Penticton, Okanagan Lake and the orchards, vineyards and farms near the city. The photos were taken during in 2012 and 2014 during summer.

Penticton: Orchards along the Trans-Canada Trail
Penticton: Winery
Penticton: Okanagan Lake

Album Three: Penticton

Flickr Gallery (63 photos):
This album feature views of the lake (and sky) and the city. There are also photos of a trip to the local amusement park—Loco Landing.

Penticton: Okanagan Lake at Sunset
Bumper Boats in Penticton

Album Four: Penticton Deer

Flickr Gallery (28 photos):
Only deer are allowed in this album. To visitors like myself, the deer in Penticton are cute and charming, but most of the city’s residents view them as a nuisance. They are easy to spot around sunrise, when they come down from the dry hills to feast on the manicured lawns and gardens in the city.

Penticton: Deer 2b

Album Five: Street Art and Commercial Art in Penticton

Flickr Gallery (28 photos):

Though Penticton is a small town, there is a lot of street art there. Most of the pieces were done as part of a street art festival which paired artists and sponsoring businesses. Quite a few of the artists are not ‘street artists’, so there is a lot of variety of styles.

Street Art in Penticton: Dog vs Rabbit

~by longzijun


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