Sky Diary Part 1: Wu Kai Sha

A few years ago, I lived in Wu Kai Sha, a seaside area of Hong Kong. The skies in Hong Kong are quite often hazy, but sometimes you can get spectacular sunrises and sunsets, particularly in the early summer months. When the skies were clear, I would often head down to the nearby beach to catch the sunset and twilight. Here is a visual diary of some of those days. To view the entire photo series, go to Flickr Photo Gallery (98 images): Sky Diary 01: Wu Kai Sha.

1. Views from Ma On Shan Promenade

Just before you get to Wu Kai Sha, there is a long promenade.

June 19 2015: View from Ma On Shan Promenade. Here a cloud takes the shape of a giant bird.
June 19 2015: By the time the sun set, the shape had smeared across the sky.

2. Views from Wu Kai Sha Beach

July 27 2015: An overcast day. There is a small fleet or rowboats and motorboats in the bay.
May 22 2016: Couples and groups of friends often come to the beach at Wu Kai Sha to view the sunset. The beach faces west, looking out over Tolo Harbor, the residential district of Tai Po and some of the the mountain ranges of the New Territories.
June 21 2016: This is facing northwest towards the Ma Shi Chau special area.
June 21 2016: The light from the sun setting behind the mountains was partially blocked, creating a diagonal pattern in the sky.
June 24 2016: A couple watching the sunset.
June 24 2016: That evening, the sunset was nice, but the twilight colors were amazing. I often see photographers taking pics of the setting sun and then leaving as soon as the sun drops out of view. They then miss the glorious skies that often come after.
June 24 2016: That evening, much of the sky and the entire sea glowed red.
June 25 2016: Here are some girls doing a photoshoot.
June 25 2016: Sunset
June 25 2016: Sunset
September 22 2016: At the end of summer, the sunsets tend to have softer hues.
October 4 2016: Gentle twilight colors.
October 8 2016: An interesting cloud formation.
January 11 2017: A misty winter day.
April 16 2017: Children playing with a dragonboat.
May 6 2018: Storm clouds and choppy seas, Wu Kai Sha.
August 6 2018: Summer again; red skies.
August 7 2018: A narwhal shaped cloud.
August 7 2018: 15 minutes later (the colors change really fast).
October 2 2017: Experimenting with reflections.
October 2 2017.
April 10 2018: After sunset.

3. Starfish Bay

On the other side of a small peninsula is Starfish Bay. When I was living in Wu Kai Sha, my bedroom faced this bay.

September 16 2016: Starfish Bay. This was the view from my window. Do you see the small dots on the beach? Those are people digging for clams at low tide.
July 9 2017 Starfish Bay: My daughter came down to take some photos.
July 24 2017: Starfish Bay, sunrise. I woke up around 5:30 to get ready to go to the airport and catch a flight. The sun was just starting to come up.
June 29 2017: Starfish Bay, Another sunrise pic.

4. Video

I have included some of these photos in one of my music videos. That video also includes shots of village cats, a graffiti wall and Nai Chung Pebble Beach. You can out more about the song here: The Sea Withdrew.

4. Cameras

The pictures were taken with a Fujifilm X100T and a Sony Nex-7. I don’t have a long zoom lens, so I wasn’t able to get the sun looking like a huge orange ball. That is one of the reasons, I took most of my photos after the sun had already set.

5. Photo Gallery

You can see more photos in this series here (and also view the photos on this page at a higher resolution): Flickr Photo Gallery (98 images): Sky Diary 01: Wu Kai Sha.

~ Photos and text by longzijun

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