Sky Diary 2: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Several years ago, I lived opposite across the Tolo Harbor from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. While I was living there I would take photos of interesting cloud formations, sunsets, twilight skies and sunrises. To view the entire set of 43 photos of CUHK (at a higher resolution of 2048 x 1365), go to Flickr Photo Gallery (98 images): Sky Diary 02: CUHK Sha.

The first photo was taken after sunrise. The sky was remarkably clear and blue. The sea was also very calm, especially near the shore, so there was an interesting reflection of the campus and hillside. The sun was just high enough in the sky to light up the whole scene and bathe it in a warm light.

May 31 2013: CUHK at dawn.
June 12 2013: Sometimes in the summer months, you would get deep red skies after the sun set.
June 18 2013: This cloud resembled a long flying animal.
July 30 2013: Deep blue twilight colors.
August 27 2013: This could resembled a huge phoenix flying over the university.
June 7 2014: Just after sunrise.
June 27 2015: CUHK, sunny, blue skies
April 25 2016: Misty CUHK
June 20 2016: CUHK at sunset.
Jun 27 2016: twilight colors
August 9 2016: This huge storm cloud came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly. The photos looks like I have desaturated it on Photoshop, but that is just natural desaturation. The storm clouds basically sucked away all light and color.
June 26 20`15: Tolo Harbor after sunset. The small clouds just above the ridge look like a parade of animals.


Most of the photos were taken with a Sony Nex-7 and a few with an X100T.

Photo Gallery

You can see more photos in this series here (and also view the photos on this page at a higher resolution): Flickr Photo Gallery (43 images): Sky Diary 02: CUHK.

~by longzijun

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