Photo Series: Teddy Bears

Here is a still-life photo series of…teddy bears.

Patrolling the corridors

Why teddy bears?

Well, when I was learning about how to use basic functions like aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure, they served as very useful and cooperative models. They wouldn’t complain if I was spending a long time adjusting settings. They would just sit there waiting patiently and silently.

Teddy bear photo shoot 01
Teddy Bear photo shoot 02

The photos with the plain white backgrounds were done when I was testing out lighting equipment (the set up was for a shot of cosmetics products for a mock video advertisement). The bears are sitting on reflective white paper and they are lit from behind, the front and one of the sides with softbox lights.

Teddy bear photo shoot 03
Teddy bear photo shoot 04

Where are they from?

At the school where I work, I manage a small multimedia studio. A student brought two teddy bears in as props for a promotional video she was working on and then, in one of those sad Toy-Story moments, decided she didn’t want to bring them back home. Therefore, she donated them to the studio.

In the studio
In the studio

They now live in the school’s English Corner.

Sunny afternoon in the English Corner

The bear in the uniform is a souvenir from Hong Kong’s MTR (Mass Transit Railway). I don’t know anything about the smaller bear.

Near Ma On Shan


Many of the earlier photos in this series were used as visuals for in the video for my song: Almost a Love Story.

More Bears

There are a couple of larger bears in the English Corner now. These ones are from Ikea.

Best Bear Ever!

In the English Corner
Washing Day


The following portrait used as the video thumbnail was created by Maggie Lai.

Two Teddy Bears: Drawing by Maggie Lai

Technical Information

Most of the photos in this series were taken with SONY NEX-7 camera, while a couple of the later ones were shot with a FUJIFILM X100T.

To get the larger teddy bear to stand, there are pens supporting his legs. In some of the shots, if you look closely you can one of the pens.

At Wu Kai Sha

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