EPC Website, Booklets & Posters

While working at City University’s Division of Language Studies, I was responsible for a lot of the departments promotional materials.

Booklets and Posters

To promote the Final Year Project exhibition of the division’s English for Professional Communication students. For their final year projects (some of which I supervised), students would carry out a real-world publicity or fund-raising campaign for a local organisation or company.

The designs were created in Photoshop and were used for programme brochures, posters, banners and backdrops. The designs seem top-heavy because the top half of the design contains both a darker background colour and the main title. I couldn’t think of a good way to solve that problem.

2002 Design {Click on the images to view larger versions}

Final Year Project Catalogue 2002
Catalogue Cover (Associate Degree)
Catalogue Cover 2002
Catalogue Cover (Higher Diploma)

The idea behind the design was to show the students in action and let people see the wide variety of activities the groups were involved in—from promoting dragon boating to encouraging recycling. The hexagon part of the design was intended to express feelings of togetherness and community (in the way the hexagons linked together).

The red design for Associate Degree students, while the blue one was for Higher Diploma students. The poster for the combined exhibition used purple (the colour you get when adding red and blue).

Exhibition Poster
Exhibition Poster

 2004 Design {Click on the images to view larger versions}

Project Catalogue 2004
Catalogue Cover (Associate Degree)

For the 2004 design (the exhibition in 2003 was canceled due to the SARS outbreak), I kept the idea of incorporating photos of the students working on their projects. This time, I put the put the photos into a flow chart that portrays the role of the students in presenting the messages of their host organisations to the public.

With FYP Groups (in front of banner)
With FYP students (in front of backdrop)


EPC Website Front Page
Front Page for the EPC Website (Click on the image to see a larger version)

This is a screen shot of the website I designed and maintained for the English for Professional Communication programme at City University’s College of Higher Vocational Studies. The design looks quite ugly now, but when I made it in the late 1990s, it  looked OK. At that time, when a lot of people used dial-up connections, it was important to keep the memory size under control, so the images are quite small (web designers would worry about whether adding a 30 kb image would slow down loading times). Also, the site needed to work with monitors set to 640 x 480.

For the design of the logo, I was aiming for a simple, yet professional look. The main graphic features students in the foreground and images relating to communication (from hieroglyphics to mobile phones) in the background.

The site was made using html code.  Some simple javascript was used for mouseover effects on the navigation bars.

~ by longzijun


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