Design: EPC Website

EPC Website Front Page

Front Page for the EPC Website (Click on the image to see a larger version)

This is a screen shot of the website I designed and maintained for the English for Professional Communication programme at City University’s College of Higher Vocational Studies. The design looks awkward (and quite ugly) now, but when I made it in the late 1990s, it  looked OK. At that time, when a lot of people used dial-up connections, it was important to keep the memory size under control, so the images are quite small. Also, the site needed to work with monitors set to 640 x 480.

For the logo design, I was aiming for a simple, yet professional look. The main graphic features students in the foreground and images relating to communication (from hieroglyphics to mobile phones) in the background.

The site was made using html code.  Some simple javascript was used for mouseover effects on the navigation bars.


~by longzijun


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