GIS Room Video

This is simply a promotional video introducing my school’s Geographical Information System Room (GIS Room) and Oral Discussion Room. It was used for the ribbon-cutting ceremony introducing the two facilities. The video was a challenge to make as I was given very short notice and the subject itself was quite difficult. How do you make a room interesting, especially one that is not yet in use? I tried just about everything to add interest to the video—actors, fairly rapid edits, different kinds of transitions, an upbeat score, a sci-fi opening and even an animated talking Earth.

The video was edited in Premiere Pro, the zoom into the earth was just done using screenshots from Google Earth and the talking planet was done in CrazyTalk. The music was created using pre-recorded loops from vatious collections and melodic parts played on a Korg M50. As our own GIS system was not up-and-running, I had to use graphic images found on the web.

I’d like to thank the various students helped as actors/models. My colleague, Hydra, and I took th video and still photographs. Another colleague, Grace, helped with the narration.

Project completed: March 2010


~by longzijun


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