Video: Mime Workshop (Nov. 2009)

This is a three-minute video of a  mime workshop carried out by Form 4 students at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School as part of their Learning English through Drama elective. Students viewed mime routines on YouTube (e.g., and then tried them out. For more information about the workshop itself visit the page: Ideas for a Mime Workshop.

The following software was used during the production of the video:
  • Premiere Pro CS3 (video editing)
  • Adobe After Effects CS3  (animation of the title text)
  • Procoder 3 (file conversion)
  • Goldwave (editng sound effects)
  • Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio 7 (music recording and composition)

The music was composed using music loops (mainly form Computer Music magazine and Prime Loops Sample Suite) and original parts played on a Korg MicroX keyboard.


~by longzijun


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