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During the annual school sports day, my job is to supervise a team of student and record the events. As is the case with a lot of school functions, videos are recorded and photographed and then stored. No one is actually responsible for creating videos. When I could find the time, I would work with the footage shot by my team. Here are some of the videos we produced.

Sports Day Day 2017

This is our series of videos for the SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School Annual Athletics Meet held at the Tsing Yi Sports Ground on 26 and 28 October 2017 (which were really HOT days!).

Part 1 features the track and field events held in the morning of the first day (100m heats, 400m heats, 1500m, high jump, triple jump and javelin and also the cheering teams.

Part 2 features the events held in the afternoon of the first day (100m final, 800m final, 4x100m interclass relay and field events such as high jump, discus and shot put). This videos also includes a lot of shots of spectators and cheering teams.

Part 3 features the events held in the morning of the second day (200m heats and finals, 400m final, 100m hurdles, 110m hurdles and 4x400m relay. The girls high jump was moved to Part 1).

Camera Crew
Chan Crystal, Nicole Ma, Kelly Tse, Annika Wong, longziun

The music consisted of my own songs and free music from other producers.

Technical Information
We mainly used Sony Camcorders (HDR-PJ670 & HDR-PJ820) and Sony NEX-7 cameras. I also made use of a Feiyu A2000 gimbal when filming. The timelapses were shot with a Fuji X100T camera and Sony HDR-PJ670 camcorder

Sports Day 2008

The events held on this sports day have been uploaded as individuals videos. For example, here are the interclass relays:

The whole playlist of all the events is here: Sports Day 2013 Videos

Sports Day SFX (May 2009)

This is an three-minute video featuring different special effects made using Adobe AfterEffects.  I created this video so that I could how to use  this software programme. The footage is our school’s sports day, which was held on 16-17 October 2008. I would like to thank the athletes and camera operators. Without your effort, this video would not have been possible.

I produced the music using Sonar Home Studio. The first song is mainly a loop-based composition (with loops from Sound Pool, Music Tech and CM) with some parts added via keyboard (Korg MicroX). The second song was mainly recorded using the keyboard along with some percussion/drum loops. Sony Vegaw was used for the old film effect and Photoshop was used to adapt some of the images. The robot was animated using iClone3. The explosions and fire videos are from

~ by longzijun


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