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Sometimes, I produce promotion videos for the school. The major ones are featured in the page: School Anniversary Videos. Here are two more videos: Where have all the heroes gone? (produced for a student activity) and GIS Room (produced to highlight a new facility).

1. Where have all the heroes gone? (2012)

This was an interesting animation project in that all the visual effects were creating using software not really intended for animation.

Where have all ther heroes gone? During the English Activity Days, 8-9 March 2012 Students at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School can take part in a mystery game. They need to collect several clues and identify the villain who has been kidnapping superheroes. This video was produced for the promotion. It also contains the first clue.

Software Used

  • The environment was created using MissionMaker (an educational game engine that allows you to create your own fst person adventure game). Basically, it is a screen shot of the main character spinning around a room full of portraits (that change over time).
  • The villain’s logo was adapted (using Photoshop) from the Red John symbol used on the television programme The Mentalist.
  • Premiere Pro was used to edit the video and also create the movement of pictures across the screen.
  • After Effects was used to animate the text.
  • The music was created using loops (mainly from SoundPool), was edited using Sonar Home Studio and was mastered (mainly compression to increase the overall loudness of the music) using Magix Audio Cleaning Lab.

Characters Shown

The captured heroes are: Batman, the Green Lantern, L (the detective in Death Note), Wonder Woman, Captain America, Iron Man, Puss’n Boots, Ichigo (from Bleach) and Naruto.2.

2. GIS Room Video (2010)

This is simply a promotional video introducing my school’s Geographical Information System Room (GIS Room) and Oral Discussion Room. The video is now offline as those rooms have been replaced by a STEM room.

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