All-girl Rock Bands from Japan

In an article on the film The Runaways, Breeanna Hare of CNN asks, “Where are the modern-day Runaways?” Japan is a good place to start. Here are a few of the all-female rock bands from Japan. If you like the artists on this page, you should also check out my introduction to female J-Pop singer-songwriters like Yui, Miwa and Tsuji Shion: J-Pop Girls and Guitars. (Note: I use the term all-girl band as it is term most people would use when searching on the net; I prefer the term ‘all-female band’).

Recently, I have been updating this article and adding more bands. To keep the length under control, I’ve added five new pages. This page introduces one band from each genre and if you are interested in finding out about similar all-girl bands in that genre, you can click on the appropriate link.

1. Hard Rock Bands

BAND-MAID: Secret My Lips

BAND-MAID is one of the most popular of Japan’s all-female bands. It is a five-piece rock band consisting of Miku Kobato (vocals & guitars), Saiki Atsumi (lead vocals), Kanami Tōno (lead guitar), Akane Hirose (drums) and MISA (bass). One thing I love about this band is the inventiveness of their arrangements. For example, in the featured song on this page
Secret My Lips—the intro, verse, chorus, two-part bridge and outro explore a wide range of different styles and textures but together form a strong, unified whole. The arrangements of repeated sections vary slightly and within in each section there are a lot of interesting little instrumental flourishes. To get an an idea of the skills of the band members, you can watch the video for the song Play ( That song was originally written as an instrumental, and the live recording showcases the individual band members’ talents.
(official website:

To find out more about BAND-MAID and other hard rock bands, go to:

The following bands are featured on this page: BAND-MAID; BRATS; Drop’s; Elfin Planet;  Fern Planet; LAZYgunsBRISKY; Mutant Monster; ЯeaL; Rick Rack; SEKIRARA

2. Indie Bands

Lucie, Too: オレンジ (Orange) Live

Lucie, Too is an energetic (this featured song is kind of mellow for them) and upbeat three piece-band featuring Chisato Kokubo (vocals, guitar, main songwriter), Kanako Sekizawa (bass, vocals), Naho Shibahara (drums, vocals). Lucie, Too’s songs are in the vein of Twee Rock. They are a relatively new band, having just released their first album
Lucky—in 2018. (official website:

To find out more about this band as well as other indie-pop, indie-rock, emo and alternative rock all-girl groups, go to:

The bands featured on this page are: Chatmonchy; Dialuck, Hump Back; Lucie, Too; Mass of the Fermenting Dregs; the peggies; Regal Lily; Shishamo; Shonen Knife; The Wisely Brothers

3. Pop-rock Bands

Scandal: Sakura Goodbye

Scandal is the most popular all-girl band of the last decade. It is a quartet featuring Haruna Ono (vocals, guitar), Tomomi Ogawa (bass, vocals), Mami Sasazaki (lead guitar, vocals) and Rina Suzuki (drums, vocals). They have gone from being a schoolgirl band (the song in the featured video is from their 2009 debut album) to veterans of the Japanese music industry. Along the way, have inspired a lot of girls to pick up guitars and drumsticks and say “hey, wanna start a band?”.

To read more about this band as well as other pop-rock groups like Stereopony and Silent Siren, go to:

The bands featured on this page are: BLiSTAR; Chelsy; DOLL$BOX; Eu Phoria; Gacharic Spin; GO-BANGS; Nakanomori BAND; Mi, NEGOTO; Princess Princess; THE PINK☆PANDA; SCANDAL; Silent Siren; Whiteberry; ZONE

4. Metal Bands

Mary’s Blood: Take a Chance (Live)

Mary’s Blood is one of Japan’s preeminent all-female metal bands. The band’s current lineup features Eye (vocals), Saki (guitar), Rio (bass) and Mari (drums). In the last decade, there has been an surge in all-female metal bands. I am not a huge fan of metal, so I found out about most of these bands via reader recommendations. Of these recommended bands, I like Mary’s Blood best, partly because of the intense stage presence of their vocalist, Eye, and partly because of the bands riff-heavy arrangements.
(official website:

To find out more about this powerful band and some of the Japan’s other all-girl metal, power metal and nu-metal bands, go to:

The following bands are featured on that page: Aldious; Anarchy Stone;  BRIDEAR; Cyntia*; Destrose*; FATE GEAR; ; Girls Rock Band Kakumei; LOVEBITES; Mary’s Blood; New Strike Zipper*; RiViNi

5. Avante-garde, Punk and Pop-punk

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re : Jaguar

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re are an indie band who play in…whatever style they want, as long as it has some energy and as long as it is a little quirky or unsettling. The band is now celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary. (official website:

To find out more about this band as well as pop punk bands like
Suttoko Dokkoi, go to:

This page features: The 5, 6, 7, 8’s; Mescaline Drive; Su凸ko D凹koi; Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re; tokyo pinsalocks

6. My Thoughts

After doing the research for this article, I came to a few conclusions:

6.1 A Vibrant Music Scene

The band scene in Japan is rich and varied and full of talented musicians who are willing to throw themselves into their music. In Japanese culture, there is quite a strong sense of “you should what you are supposed to do” (i.e.,study hard, get into a good school, get into a top university, get a job with a big company, find a mate, settle down” etc.). Perhaps being in a rock band is an attractive way for young people to express their creativity and individualism.

6.2 Organic Development

Almost all of the bands introduced on these pages simply started organically when a group of friends (and in some cases siblings or cousins) with a shared interest in music decided to form a band. Quite often the band members met when attending the same school.

Quite a few of the all-girl rock bands were formed by schoolmates in their school’s light music club. These clubs are basically ‘band clubs’. Members form small groups and perform whatever they want. In these light music clubs, the fledgling bands have a place to practice, like-minded peers to be inspired by and gain motivation from and opportunities to gain experience by performing in school concerts. For example, here is a band from the Light Music Club at Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Junior High and High School (関東学院六浦中学校・高等学校) playing a cover version of MONGOL800’s song 小さな恋のうた (Little Love Song) in the courtyard of their school:

Light Music Club at Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Junior High and High School

At this early stage in their musical development, the musicians may hone their skills doing cover versions of play-along versions of rock songs. Here is a video of SERINA (from Rick Rack and Fern Planet) doing a play-along version of Orianthi’s Addicted to Love on her 14th birthday (video now offline):

Here is a video of elementary school girls (the drummer is ten years old and the other two girls are eleven) doing a cover of a song by Chelsy (Chelsy is featured in the page on all-girl pop-rock bands).

Accént: Cover of Yes by Chelsy

Children and teenagers interested in music may also take courses from music training companies. For example, the four girls from SCANDAL met when they took courses at the Caless Vocal and Dance Studio in Osaka.

There are also quite a few opportunities for young bands to play in live performances on the street or in parks, and this gives the musicians valuable public performing experience. Here is an early video of SCANDAL performing in Osaka Castle Park in 2007, the year before they released their first single:

Scandal: Early performance in Osaka Castle Park

There are also a lot of band and teen band competitions held by music stores, record labels, radio stations and other businesses.

If the band is good, they may start getting offers to play at live houses (bars and restaurants featuring live music) and may be invited to do promotional activities by record stores. For example, SCANDAL’s first three singles were released exclusively for Tower Records. The next step is to get a record deal with many of Japan’s independent labels or one of the boutique record labels of a major music company like Sony, but . . .

6. 4 A Difficult Environment

Despite the opportunities and support provided to young musicians, being a professional musician is not easy. When reading up on the bands, I kept coming across “she left the band due to” followed by a reason like: health reasons, throat surgery, hearing problems, a panic disorder, muscular problems, etc.. For many musicians, it can be a struggle to simultaneously make ends meet, improve one’s skills, create music, promote it and also deal with the little obstacles that life tends to throw in one’s way.

In addition to having to deal with personal challenges, the musicians are also operating in a brutally unforgiving environment. It is extremely difficult to catch the attention of the general public, and it is even more difficult to hold that attention for any length of time. Quite a few of the bands featured on this page enjoyed a brief spell of modest popularity after their initial releases, but were unable to build any momentum and basically dropped out of the public consciousness soon afterwards. A band might get a hundred thousand to a million views on their more popular videos and then struggle to get 10% of those views a few years later. Some other bands never even managed to get that brief spell of popularity.

Despite this, some of the indie and avant-garde bands enjoy very long lives, with of the indie and avant-gard bands like Shonen Knife, the 5, 6, 7, 8’s, tokyo pinsalocks and Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re still performing after two or three decades.

Despite the struggles faced by the musicians, there are a lot of great songs being made. Keep going!

Your Thoughts?

Which bands do you love? Why? Which bands have I missed? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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