Life’s Journey: 15 Poems and 3 Stories about Innocence and Experience (Asian Voices)

These poems and stories about youth and age, about growing up, gaining experience and losing innocence were originally posted the AsianVoices Website (1997-2004), a site featuring poetry and fiction by young Asian writers. 

Dark Side

That was the place where the dark side of my childhood went on;
Where I would leave every morning and only return at night.
So long ago that I don’t feel as attached as before.
Was it twelve years ago, that long?
For you, I still have a strange feeling;
As if I feel so very close, but not too close… Or maybe a little more.

Is it because of the bad memories you brought me?
Or was it something else that caused me to fall?
Trying so hard to recall…
But can’t seem to remember any happy things from it all.
Just a lot of yelling and crying that went on.
Still thinking… No, nothing positive at all.

~ C.Y. Lee (USA)

I am Flying

Once upon a time,
I told my mom, ‘Using one hand I can darken the sky,’
‘with my two arms I can fly.’

‘It’s an easy trick to darken the sky,’ she smiled,
as she put her hand over my eyes.
‘So now you can’t see the sky!’

‘But how are you going to fly?’
I fell down from the bunk bed as I tried.
It hurt, I cried.

Time flies,
but never have I given up this fancy of mine, cos
everyone only knows how to darken the sky;
seldom does anyone knows how to
fly to it, put a star on it and make it shine.

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