Free Background Music 10: Little Ape

Little Ape is the 10th song in the Free Background Music series. This song was originally created for a video montage showcasing a digital toy camera, so the music has a lo-fi and casual feel to it. The kaleidoscope images were created using After Effects. The music was played on a Korg M50 synthesizer.

Tempo: 135 bpm
Duration (Main Version): 3:00

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Free Background Music 28 (Sonicidence) & Intro 25 (Sonicide)

Sonicidence is the 28th song in the free background music series. It mostly electronica, but contains elements of Rock. It was designed as movie trailer music. It has a soft and hypnotic opening, a thumping bass and drum middle section and crunching rock final section. There are two different versions (the last section features a slightly different mix and arrangement). The original version is in the Vimeo version. The second version has a more pulsating and lively bass line in the last section

Duration: 2:48
Tempo: 120 bpm

Sonicide: Short Versions for Intros (20-36 seconds)

An excerpt from this song is also in the Free Short Instrumental Themes series. There are four different durations.

There are four different versions. The last part of the song (starting from where the drums come in) is the same in each version; the difference is in how much music there is before that. The version in the video is Medium version 2. The cymbal crash in each version comes four seconds before the end of the song.

  • Long version – 36 seconds (there are eight measures before the drums come in)
  • Medium version 1- 30 seconds (there are five measures before the drums come in)
  • Medium version 2- 28 seconds (there are four measures before the drums come in; the cymbal crash at the end is at the 24-second mark)
  • Short version – 20 seconds (the song starts with the drums)
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Free Background Music 25: Memoryne

Memoryne is the 25th song in the Free Background Music Series. It is a gentle and melodic piano instrumental. The mood is nostalgic; it is somewhat sad, but light at the same time. Though it is classical in style, the harmonic progression is inspired by the jazz standard My Funny Valentine.

Tempo: 116 bpm
Duration: 2:30

Alternative Version: Music Box Version (55 seconds)

Here is a version of the main theme of Memoryne but in a music box style.The middle part ended up being too busy (too many notes), so this arrangement features the main melody only.

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Free Background Music 24: Lock & Love

Lock & Love is the 24th song in the Free Background Music series. It is a romantic and melodic song with with flute, strings and acoustic guitar, bass and percussion (played on a Korg M50 synthesizer).

Tempo: 86 bpm
Duration: 6:24

Terms of Use

As with the other songs in the Background Music series, this instrumental work can be used for free in non-commercial projects and in YouTube monetized videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature) as long as credit is provided (‘music by longzijun’). For more information about the terms and conditions for using the music, you can refer to the detailed Terms of Use.

Music Download Links

Related Songs in the Series

About the Visuals

The images are photos I took of the Locks of Love (사랑의 자물쇠) the love padlocks at N. Seoul Tower (N서울타워) on Namsan Mountain in Seoul, South Korea. People are encouraged to dedicate their old padlocks and phones to someone they love, so each lock in the wall is supposed to represent a kind of everlasting love. It was quite touching to she so many love padlocks; I hope most of their ‘love stories’ had a happy ending. This blog has interesting photos of the mostly naked wall just as it is starting to collect locks My photos are in this article: Seoul Sightseeing.

Visit my article: Seoul Photos

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Free Background Music 23: Chillvolution

Chillvolution is the 23rd song in my free background music series. The song, which makes use of a laid-back jazzy hip hop groove, is relaxing and is suitable use in a large variety of videos. The instruments were played on two different synths: a Korg M50 and a Korg Micro X, a lot of the drum and percussion parts, however, are from loops. It was recorded and mixed using Sonar Home Studio with some mastering work done in Magix Audio Cleaning Lab. The music is influenced by the songs of Money Mark.

Tempo: 90 bpm
Duration: 4:45

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Free Background Music 22: As Long as a Word Remains Unspoken

As Long as a Word Remains Unspoken is the 22nd song in the Free Background Music series. This is a very gentle and wistful synth-piano instrumental with a slightly East-Asian feel to the melody. The song was played on a Korg M50 synthesizer and recorded using Sonar Home Studio.

Tempo: 65 bpm (The tempo is actually 130 bpm, but the feeling is more like 65 bpm.)
Duration: 2:14

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Free Background Music 18: Rock Funk Beast

Rock Funk Beast is the 18th song in the Free Background Music series. I haven’t done a rock song or loop-based song for a while, so I did both for this track. Many of the drum, bass and guitar loops are from the Computer Music Magazine CD (issue #151). The guitar solo loops are from SoundPool and there are a couple of other loops from other collections. The loops were edited and assembled using Sonar Home Studio. 

Tempo: 95 bpm
Duration: 3:33

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Free Background Music 17: Elegy

The song was written in memory of a former student of mine who passed away from a stroke at the age of 21. It was a way of expressing my feelings. because it is requiem inspired by a such sad event, I wrote it in a major key (otherwise it would probably be unbearably melancholic). The light arrangement (with high notes on the piano and bells) is meant to convey her lively, but gently demeanor. The final verse is purposefully cut short and left unresolved. It was recorded using a Korg M50 synthesizer.

Elegy is the 17th song in the Free Background Music series.

Tempo: 77 bpm
Duration: 4:53

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Free Instrumental Music: Short themes for intros, outros, credits and very brief videos

You can use these short music compositions (between 10 and 60 seconds in length) for any non-commercial projects that you are working on (e.g., video, animation, presentations, etc.). Just provide a credit (Songs 1 to 14 should be credited to ‘music by longzijun’. If you use Song 15 or Song 26, however, it should be credited to Jessica Yip).

The fifteen songs in this Short Instrumental Themes series may also be used for free if you are monetizing the videos on YouTube or are part of the YouTube Red Partner program as long as attribution is given (music by longzijun). For more details, refer to the more detailed Terms of Use.

If you are looking for longer compositions, you can visit my free background music page:

Track 26. ‘Untitled’ by Jessica Yip (62 seconds)

This is an anime-inspired piano instrumental with a fast middle section. Note: If you use this song in one of your projects it should be credited as “Music: ‘Untitled by Jessica Yip (from”. The MP3 and WAV file download links are on this page:

Short Piano Instrumentals by Jessica Yip

Track 25. Sonicide (20 – 36 seconds)

There are four different versions of this track. Each version is a different length. The last nine measures (the part with the drums are the same in each version and the cymbal crash always comes four seconds before the end):

  • 36 seconds
  • 30 seconds (this is the version in the video)
  • 28 seconds
  • 20 seconds

The song is based on an excerpt from my song Sonicidence (Track 28 in the Free Background Music series).

The download links (MP3 and WAV files) are on this page:

Intro Theme 25: Sonicide

Short Instrumental Themes 17-24

This video features 8 new tracks varying in length from 7 seconds to 34 seconds. There are two variations for each track. In most cases, the second version is slightly faster and one semitone higher. The following tracks are included:

  • Intro 17 (synth, with a beat) 0:34 & 0:32
  • Intro 18 (gentle & melodic) 0:10 & 0:09
  • Intro 19 (bubbly synth) 0:07.5 & 0:07
  • Intro 20 (aggressive: piano, guitar, war drums) 0:13 & 0:12
  • Intro 21 (perky synth & percussion) 0:08
  • Intro 22 (techno attack) 0:09 & 0:08
  • Intro 23 (slowly evolving electronic sounds) 0:20 & 0:18
  • Intro 24 (synth & drums) 0:17 & 0:16

The download links (MP3 and WAV files) are on this page:

Intro Themes 17-24: Free Short Instrumentals for Intros, Outros and Credits

Track 16. Holly’s Theme: Reprise (60 Seconds)

The short version starts at 2:54

A one-minute soundtrack that combines electronic and orchestral sounds. This is a kind of remix of the middle part of the solo piano song featured in the video. The 60-second version can be heard at 2:54 of the video. There is also a version without drums that can be downloaded. The MP3 and WAV file download links for all three versions are on this page:

Free Background Music Series: Collaborations (with full and short versions of Holly’s Theme)

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